Jakarta Bandung Express Train Passenger Service Jobs, KCIC: Staff Preparation to Serve Passengers

TEMPO Co, Jakarta – PT Kereta Api Indonesia China or KCIC opens work space by sticking together walking interview against the candidates Passenger Service Fast train Jakarta Bandung (KCJB) at the KCIC Head Office at Halim Station. This process is part of KCIC’s HR recruitment to provide the best services for KCJB.

Company Communications Manager KCIC Emir Monti said the recruitment of Passenger Service is KCIC’s way of preparing selected human resources (HR) to serve passengers. Because, he said, providing quality services is the main goal of KCIC through the services of KCJB.

“From time to time, KCIC opens the recruitment of staff to prepare KCJB officers. Currently the recruits are prospective staff in the field of passenger serviceGood passenger service on the train neither passenger service at the station“said the Emir in a written statement quoted on Friday, May 26, 2023.

The steps that were implemented this time were walking interview after previously opening the online recruitment on May 23 and 24 on the KCIC website. According to Emir, the community is very enthusiastic about this recruitment, where there are 1,600 prospective employees who are registering on the KCIC website.

In the next few days, he said, participants who have passed the management selection will undergo preliminary medical tests and interviews at the KCIC Head Office. Out of the hundreds of potential participants who will follow walking interviewit is hoped that the best sons and daughters will be selected who can join and jointly develop KCIC.



“After being hired, the workers will immediately participate in training to create officers who are ready to serve passengers at the station and during the journey of the express train,” Emir said.

He also explained that this employment was one of the benefits that can be felt by the wider community due to the existence of the KCJB project. Because there are new jobs available to the community as a result of this project.

“KCIC regularly recruits all the best sons and daughters of the nation who want to join in the history of the existence of the first high-speed train in Indonesia,” said the Emir.

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