Jaguar Land Rover honors Queen Elizabeth II with exclusive Goodwood Revival Parade + PHOTOS

Jaguar Land Rover honors Queen Elizabeth II with exclusive Goodwood Revival Parade + PHOTOS

An exclusive convoy of Royal JLR cars completed the Goodwood Motor Circuit with honors last weekend. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a full year after his death. Nine historic Defender and Range Rover models took part in this unique commemorative moment, as part of the annual Goodwood Revival.

11 historical examples

The commemorative ride featured JLR cars used by the Royal Family – both privately and on official occasions. The cars come from the Royal Fleet, JLR Classic and private collections. A total of 11 historic models attended the event, with the first two royal cars – the first State Review I and Series I model commissioned by His Majesty King George VI – on public static display. It was the first time that this unique collection was exhibited in its entirety.

The DNA of the original Series Land Rover – which laid the foundation for the strong relationship between JLR and the Royal Family – is still evident in today’s Land Rover brands, from the rugged Defender and refined Range Rover to the Discovery range.

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Series I State Review-example
The State’s first ever Land Rover featured a specially designed rear platform and accompanied Queen Elizabeth II and Her Majesty Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on a six-month tour of the Commonwealth. The car is part of the Royal Collection of the British Motor Museum at Gaydon.

Goodwood Revival Parade

Series I (LXC 894D)

Originally commissioned by His Majesty King George VI, this car was used by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and other senior members of the Royal Family at Balmoral. It was restored in 2010 by Land Rover staff and is now part of the Land Rover Classic collection.

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Example (HAC 379)
One of the first prototypes of 1948 before production, of which only 48 were made. It has the chassis number L31 and was used for testing, development and PR activities alongside its sister model: the R32. The car is known from pictures of King George VI. The car is now in the hands of a private collector.

Goodwood Revival Parade

Series II State Review-model

The second official ceremonial model of the Land Rover had blue side lights, which were switched on when a member of the Royal Family was being transported. This example was an extra car, so the minimum mileage is about 21,000 km. The car is part of the Royal Collection of the British Motor Museum, Gaydon.

Series Iia Station Wagon (OGU 362D)
Queen Elizabeth II’s personal car was the first Land Rover Station Wagon to have a six-cylinder engine. The car also has many special features, including leather-trimmed seats, wooden dog guards and running boards, to suit its royal duties. The car is now part of the Royal Collection at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon.

Goodwood Revival Parade

1974 Range Rover State Review-model

The first Range Rover to take on the role of ceremonial State Review vehicle was used from 1975 to 2002. The specially modified rear section included folding seats and a lectern on which umbrellas were stored. An additional muffler ensured that the noise of the V8 to the Royal passengers was reduced. The car is now part of the Royal Collection at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon.

Defender 130 ‘Jumbo’
With three doors on each side, this long-wheelbase Defender 130 is called ‘Jumbo’. The car was converted for the Royal Family to support trips to the Sandringham Estate, where it is still used today. The car took part in the Goodwood Revival parade after being approved by King Charles III.

Goodwood Revival Parade

1990 Range Rover State Review-model

A third Estate Range Rover was featured in the image chosen by Queen Elizabeth II for her 1994 Christmas card, showing her and His Majesty King Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, were photographed during the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings at Arromanches. This car is part of the British Motor Museum collection.

Defender 110 V8
The private car used by Queen Elizabeth II at Sandringham Estate. This car belongs to the royal private collection and – on behalf of His Majesty King Charles III – is part of the working Royal Fleet.

Goodwood Revival Parade

2009 Range Rover (CK58NPJ)

There are many pictures of Queen Elizabeth II behind the wheel of this Range Rover, as it was her favorite car after it was added to the fleet. The famous Labrador mascot that adorned the hat has been removed as a precaution.

2015 Range Rover State Review-model
The current model Range Rover State Review started in 2015. The automatically it is based on the Range Rover Long Wheelbase and has a hybrid electric (diesel-electric), which allows it to work electronically during state events. The car was designed and developed by JLR’s Special Motors division.

Goodwood Revival Parade