Ivan Loisin Dies in Forte dei Marmi in a road accident with a scooter, Friends Organize funeral fundraising

Ivan Loisin Dies in Forte dei Marmi in a road accident with a scooter, Friends Organize funeral fundraising

FOLIGNO – “Hello Ivan Loisin. A straightforward lad with a heart of gold. May the earth be gentle upon you. Someday, we shall reunite to train together again. Rest.” A profound loss has struck the community of Foligno, and beyond.

The loss is the one that led to the passing of Ivan Loisin, a 36-year-old originally from Moldova but a longtime resident of Foligno, where he practiced martial arts with the Accademia Foligno-Mixed Martial Arts society, particularly specializing in the “K-1” discipline.

K-1 fighter Ivan Loisin is dead, funeral fundraiser - SASATIMES

The tragedy unfolded yesterday morning, around 6 a.m. in the Forte dei Marmi area, in the province of Lucca, where the athlete had worked for several years during the summer. Loisin was riding a Gilera Gp 800 scooter when, due to reasons still under investigation, he collided with a red Kia Picanto along the overpass near the roundabout of Via Emilia, at the intersection with Via della Sipe.

Unfortunately, for the motorcyclist, there was no chance of survival. Despite the efforts of first responders, Ivan Loisin passed away on the spot. The injuries and traumas suffered were too severe. “I received this terrible news,” writes one of the many athletes with whom the 36-year-old had competed, continuing to say: “Dear friend Ivan Loisin, we were once opponents and then became great friends… I’m devastated to have received the dreadful news of your passing. My condolences to your family and to your team under Maestro Nicola Maria Gradassi. We shall meet again one day. My friend, I care for you deeply.” An irreplaceable sorrow lingers due to the untimely departure of Ivan Loisin.

Morto Ivan Loisin lottatore K-1, mobilitazione raccolta fondi funerale

And to understand how well-loved he was and how much of a “gentle giant” he truly was, friends and athletes who trained with him have initiated a fundraising campaign “for funeral expenses and to bring our Ivan back home from Forte dei Marmi. We are collecting contributions using a prepaid card, with which we will settle the expenses at the agency.

The IBAN is IT03D3253203200006571221553. All contribution details will always be available for verification at Accademia Foligno Asd. Thank you all.”

On the Facebook profile of Accademia Foligno Asd, it is written: “Ivan Loisin. Over 20 years together in this world. Forever fraternal friends everywhere.” Amidst the many messages of condolences, one reads, “I’ve just learned the news now, I’m so sorry, a truly fine lad and a great athlete. I referred you and we even sparred. It’s not fair, you had your whole life ahead, such a great loss. Ivan Loisin, rest in peace.”

And amidst the multitude of Facebook posts, Marco Marinangeli writes, “You were a child when you entered the gym back in 2003, already a big lad. You were a great lad, like a son. You always addressed me as ‘maestro,’ always with tremendous respect. Today, I have no words, devastated by the news. This accident took you away from all of us. I can’t even fathom it. Rest in peace, my friend. You will always be in my heart.”

Then, Fabio Manni writes, “You told me in May!!! See you in September… I’m going for the season… and then I’ll be back!! But it didn’t happen like that… a terrible accident took you away forever!! I have many memories of you… a tough lad with a good heart!! A friend and colleague who’s left us!!! Goodbye, Ivan, always with us… always one of us!” In the coming hours, it will be understood when the body can be repatriated, and the dates for the funeral and the return to Moldova will be determined.