“It’s like we forgot we brought an update”

“It’s like we forgot we brought an update”

George Russell thinks that due to the difficult conditions of the Monaco circuit, they will not see the effects of the big updates that they have brought.

Mercedes had hoped to bring its long-discussed major update to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, but the race was canceled due to flooding in the area.

The Brackley team opted to bring updates to the Monaco Grand Prix despite having a tough and narrow structure to start cleanly.

Russell said that Monaco is not a suitable circuit for any assessment, so they will focus on the impact of the update on next weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

“As we said yesterday, Monaco is a unique circuit and not the place to consider any updates or changes.”

“We knew that heading into the weekend. So we seem to have almost forgotten about the update, we’ll think about it next weekend and just focus on improving.”

“Qualifying is the highlight of this weekend, and qualifying is the part of the weekend where we usually struggle. If you look at the last 18 months, you can see that we did better on Sunday.”

“So we have to work all night to sort things out. There are definitely positive signs in the session and we are better than in the first practice session. However, things are never easy at this track.”

George Russell, Mercedes-AMG

Photo: Sam Bagnall / Sports Pictures

Asked what changes would be made to the car, Russell replied: “We’re going to work through the night to see what else we can do to get more out of the tyre.”

“We know the basic performance of the car is good. We usually overwork on Sunday and on Saturday we do poorly. So we have to try to turn that around this weekend. It’s not easy, but we’ll work hard and see what we do.” he can do.”

“We hope to fight against Aston Martin and Ferrari because that’s where we’re aiming. You know, Red Bull is in a league of its own right now.”

“The middle group is very close. What we have rarely seen this year is McLaren, Alpine or Haas being ahead of us on Saturday but not close on Sunday.”

“If they can make it this Saturday, they’ll probably be with us on Sunday. So we need to work on our qualifying pace and reassess the car next week.”