Italy Travel Guide Inspired by the “White Lotus” Series.

The regulars of the White Lotus Hotel are making their way to Sicily in season two. Sicily, which has a rich history and cultural diversity, owes its heritage to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards and French who passed through its lands throughout history. Guests of the White Lotus Hotel, which is located in the northeast of Mount Etna, Italy’s largest volcano and a glimpse of hell, while on vacation in Sicily, make frequent excursions from Taormina to Palermo. We created a travel guide inspired by the TV series “The White Lotus”, created by Mike White.

San Domenico Palace, Four Seasons Hotel

The Palace of San Domenico, the new Four Seasons Hotel in Taormina, a town in the province of Messina, is a well-established structure. The building, which was built as a private residence for Baron Damiano Rosso d’Altavilla in the 14th century, was handed over to the Dominican order for use as a monastery when the Baron died. At the end of the 1800s, the new owner of the building, Prince Cerami, turns the building into a hotel to host celebrities of the time such as Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. Located on a cliff, with the Etna Volcano in its background, and the Ionian Sea in front of it, the White Lotus in the TV series, the Four Seasons Hotel in its original name, combines the historic design of Sicily with modern luxury. From rooms with panoramic views to a private swimming pool, the Four Seasons Hotel in Sicily is sure to get you on your 2023 vacation itinerary.

Valley of the Temples, Sicily

After the Acropolis, Sicily, which hosts an incredible collection of ancient Greek art and architecture, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Valley of the Temples. Located on a 3,000-acre archaeological site in Agrigento, the Valley of the Temples is one of the finest examples of Magna Graecia art and architecture, as well as the national monument of Italy. Agrigento is home to seven Doric temples from the period, including the Temple of Concordia in “The White Lotus”. The Valley of the Temples is one of the tourist destinations that you should add to your travel itinerary in 2023.

Taormina Ancient Theatre

The Ancient Theater of Taormina, which was built by the Greeks in the 3rd century BC for musical and dramatic plays, and later modified by the Romans to include martial arts, attracts with its impressive architecture and archaeological importance. With views of Mount Etna, Naxos, the Gulf of Taormina and the Strait of Messina, the masterpiece of the Taormina Antique Theater, an engineering marvel, is a reflection of the Greek period. Taormina Ancient Theater definitely proves to be one of your cultural destinations in 2023.

Villa Sant’Andrea, Belmond Hotel

Inspired by the refined vacationers of White Lotus, one of the places on our list is Villa Sant’Andrea, located on the secluded Gulf of Mazzaro. Villa Sant’Andrea, which is a Belmond Hotel, gives the feeling of a luxury residence rather than a hotel with its architectural design. With its lovely gardens, private beach and rooms with breathtaking views, Villa Sant’Andrea, which is a short distance from the center of Taormina, can be reached by a three-minute cable car. If you want to be close to the sea, Villa Sant’Andrea, Hotel Belmond is just for you.

Villa Igiea, Hotel Rocco Forte

Villa Igiea, the Rocco Forte Hotel in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, was built in 1900 for the Florio family. Hotel Rocco Forte has spent two years restoring Villa Igiea from Art Nouveau style to Belle Epoque elegance. Although it is only 10 minutes away from the city center, the building in question can convey the feeling of an oasis in the city to its guests with its quiet location near the sea. From the Arab-Norman churches of the 12th century to the Baroque squares, you can spend time in the charming narrow streets of Palermo and feel like a tourist, then return to Villa Igiea to rest. If you add Sicily to your holiday list in 2023, Palermo is a great place for a long stay.

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