It will be possible to unlock Mercedes-Benz cars with iPhones and Apple Watches

It will be possible to unlock Mercedes-Benz cars with iPhones and Apple Watches

New evidence suggests that Mercedes-Benz entered into a partnership with apple to pool resources car keys (car keys) in their cars.

Recent updates to Apple’s configuration files have revealed that some vehicles from the German automaker are now compatible with the feature. This partnership aims to provide more convenience to car owners.

Last month, the @MercedesBenz announced future support for the feature car key from Apple. Today it aired behind!
(MBAG = Mercedes-Benz AG)
h/t @nicolas09F9

This feature allows users to add a virtual key to the Wallet app (Backpack) on iPhone and Apple Watch. With it, it is possible to lock, unlock and start the car without needing a physical key. Some products, like BMW, BYD, The beginning, Hyundai It is come onalready supports this feature.

Last month, Mercedes-Benz he announced that new line sedan Class E can get support for the feature, but as part of KEYLESS-GO Package. called from Digital Car Key (Digital Car Key)the feature allows up to 16 people to share a digital key and a master user can define specific permissions for each person, such as allowing access to the vehicle only or also authorizing driving.

With the addition of Mercedes-Benz to the list of compatible brands, as well as the recent entry of the British. Lotusfor car keys have become more important, leaving us with a “taste” of how technology can change the way we interact with cars.

However, there is still no set date for the integration between the German automaker’s vehicles and the Apple ecosystem to be released.

through MacRumors