It unveils the second-generation ID.3 EV and an app store for its vehicles

It unveils the second-generation ID.3 EV and an app store for its vehicles

Volkswagen did not waste time and, despite the fact that not even three years have passed since the launch of the original model, it revealed the second generation ID.3 EV. In addition to improved aerodynamics and a high-quality interior, technology has been improved, including its software, which had received many complaints from drivers.

The second generation ID.3 includes the “latest software”, with easy layout, better performance and over-the-air updates. A 12-inch infotainment screen is now standard. It also has access to a Cruise Assist feature that uses “cluster” data to make driving easier. Charging is made easy thanks to the ability to start charging automatically (at compatible stations) and a route planner that affects the availability and capacity of stations along the way. Your car won’t direct you to a crowded station with slow chargers.

The new ID.3 uses the same 201HP engine system and battery options as before. This works out to 265 miles of range with the 58 kWh base battery and 339 miles with the 77 kWh pack.

Production is scheduled to begin in late 2023. VW hasn’t provided details on pricing or availability by country, and it’s likely aimed at Europeans.

Also, VW’s Carad launched an app store for its car brands, including Audi and Porsche. The platform will help third parties bring software to a wide range of vehicles. Key early partners will be driving-focused services like Spotify, TuneIn, The Weather Channel and Plugshare. However, you’ll also find TikTok, Cisco’s Webex conferencing software, and even the Vivaldi web browser.

The app store is launching on several Audi models this summer for European and North American customers, but VW warns that the store will only be available on cars produced from the summer onwards.