Insulting comments to Victoria Karida and her response – “That’s what the law of Karma is all about”

The model, who became famous for her participation in the reality show “My Style Rocks”, has spoken about how difficult it is to live with her husband’s murder.

“Tired widow” is ironically called by one or another user of social networks Victoria coconutadding “you made us believe”, about the pain he has for her her murdered husband Giannis Makris. The 46-year-old businessman was killed outside his house in Voula, when in his attempt to escape, the attackers also shot him randomly.

The model, who rose to fame through her participation in the SKAI fashion reality show, “My Style Rocks“, has spoken in recent days about how difficult it is to live with him, saying that he cannot cope with the sudden loss of his man.

She is trying to find the rhythm of life again, with her children as the absolute priority, however – as she revealed – she receives negative, sarcastic and hateful messages.

“Oh how sad you are as a widow. You made us believe” someone (or someone) had sent her in the past, while yesterday she wrote: “Oh poor widow”.

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He answered in turn and stories on Instagram write: “For every action there is an effect. This is a law in our world. It applies to everything and everyone. Anything you do now will manifest something in the future. Sometimes immediately, sometimes a little later. That is the law of the law of Karma”.

The two suspects of murder of her husband, those are two brothers from her Bulgaria. They have been sentenced for the first time to life in prison and the other to 10 years, but both maintain their innocence.

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