Infiniti shared details about the electric powertrain

Infiniti shared details about the electric powertrain

Infiniti, which wants to move its name to higher levels with electric cars, prefers to focus on hybrid technology at this stage.

Nissan to provide competitive solutions in the payment segment within its group. Infinityis among the names that want to increase the change of electricity in the market. New technologies, which have great potential to have a share in the European market, America and Canada It is an important catalyst for getting stuck in the area. Infiniti, which has been able to attract attention through the concept that it has introduced in the last few years, shared the technical details of the electric power units that it will include in the cars that it will present in the future, especially for the 30th anniversary of its electric. event. Announcing that it will develop the models it will offer in this context on one common platform, the brand also emphasizes hybrid options at this stage. will give


Infiniti will use three cylinders in the hybrid engine

Among the information from official sources, the headlines are only technical parameters. In the hybrid options, which will be in the first stage of planning, the internal combustion engine part 1.5 liter three cylinder the machine will. all of them all wheel drive The battery capacity of these models, which will be offered as an example, will vary from 3.5 kWh to 5.1 kWh. The performance data of these vehicles is also at high levels. From 248 hp to 429 hp numbers that will change 0-100 in 4.5 seconds It is accompanied by an incredible acceleration value as the Hybrid versions, which have been clear that they are not rechargeable, will fill their batteries with other assistive technologies, especially the recuperation system. We will talk about the brand more often in the next period, which says that it can reach the best marks in terms of design language and complete electric models.

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