Infiniti 560hp Q50 Eau Rouge Concept

While the body of the concept car has completely updated custom panels with the design of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car, it also has incredible power under its hood. Sparkling with its 3.8-liter, 560-horsepower twin-turbo 6-cylinder aluminum engine, the Q50 Eau Rouge transfers its 600 Nm torque to the pavement with a four-wheel drive system.
The Q50 Eau Rouge looks like the car that embodies Infiniti’s vision of a premium Q50 sports sedan. Having a special aerodynamic carbon fiber body, the Q50 Eau Rouge has a low and wide design; thus showing the truest position of the road.
True to nature but quite special…

Q50 Eau Rouge; It was born out of competition at the pinnacle of motorsport and features parts of the Infiniti Red Bull RB9 F1 race car. Almost every body panel has been designed specifically for the Q50 Eau Rouge. Only the front doors and the spring part of the roof pillars were preserved as standard parts. New front and rear fenders widen the Q50’s already broad-shouldered stance by 20mm; a large rear spoiler creates air pressure. All this power width is surrounded by a special red finish. Replacing the shiny chrome detailing of the production model Q50, the dark chrome detailing rounds out the color on the Q50 Eau Rouge’s athletic form and significantly softens the concept’s stance.

The double-arched front grille of the Q50 is also finished in dark matt chrome, accentuating the shape of the windshield, door handles and trunk lid. The curved hood is double vented as an expression of the Q50 Eau Rouge’s capabilities and purpose.

Luxury cabin, sports inspiration
Emphasizing the sporty nature of the design even more, the cabin was designed to provide comfort. Advanced sports steering wheel and Formula 1-style shift paddles provide superior and precise control.
Red carbon fiber details on the doors and center console complete the body style, and dark chrome replaces the silver chrome in the red cockpit.