Industry Day: The industry in SP has a positive ratio of 32 thousand jobs in 2023

Industry Day: The industry in SP has a positive ratio of 32 thousand jobs in 2023

The state government provides incentives for loans, investments and measures to restore industries

The industrial sector in the state of São Paulo registered a positive balance of more than 32,000 jobs created in 2023, according to data from Fundação Seade collected until March. Annual performance is second only to the service component. In March, 6,000 jobs were created.

With the aim of strengthening the sector in São Paulo, which currently employs 2.6 million people, the Government of São Paulo is promoting actions and programs to encourage the sector. Steps range from the release of collected loans to the creation of a regional development council.

Created in collaboration between the Secretariat of Economic Development (SDE) and the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp), the Industrial Development Council discusses the guidelines of São Paulo’s industrial policy, focusing on industrial restructuring and in accordance with call regional.

According to secretary Jorge Lima, moving the development lever required changes in the guidelines of the entities associated with the portfolio, such as InvestSP and DevelopSP. The first acts as an intelligence agency to attract investment, both domestic and foreign, in the priority tracks of the SDE, such as the energy transition, new industrial growth and the circular economy, without neglecting the prospects for new businesses and partnerships. .

The development agency Develop SP also had reforms and new goals for technological and digital transformation, product review, fund management, financing and ease of lending.

one of the government’s restructuring measures is the cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Competition Council (MBC), which joins forces and promotes the reduction of the so-called “São Paulo Cost”, increasing the competitiveness of companies in São Paulo. The main proposal is to repeat the same partnership established in the Custo Brasil reduction project, but this time targeting São Paulo.

The Government of São Paulo also works in the provision of accumulated ICMS loans, through the Secretariat of Finance and Planning. Last Monday (the 22nd), for example, the Government announced a special phase for the agricultural sector targeting manufacturers of tractors and machinery and equipment, with an approved budget of R$ 200 million.

The move follows the model of ProAtivo, a program to increase the scope of credit adequacy for taxpayers with a history of acquiring products targeted for real estate. This program provides greater liquidity for the loans collected for those who invest in São Paulo, facilitating its use by taxpayers based on the history of the acquisition of products intended for fixed assets.

There is also an attraction for large industrial investments in several regions of São Paulo. On the last day, April 19, Governor Tarcísio de Freitas announced Toyota do Brasil’s compliance with the ProVeículo Verde Program, which encourages the production of environmentally friendly vehicles through the release of accumulated ICMS credits.

“We are committed to São Paulo’s growth, development, restoring competitiveness, speeding up activity and creating jobs”, said Tarcísio. The support of the Government of São Paulo makes it possible to implement the automaker’s projects related to hybrid models, totaling R$ 1.7 billion in investment.

São Paulo is also simplifying tax obligations through actions such as the GIA Elimination Program (ICMS Information and Calculation Guide) for RPA (Regime Periodic de Investigação) taxpayers – including industries. To date, more than 73,000 companies have been removed from the GIA. The move consolidates the government’s management efforts to reduce red tape and simplify additional responsibilities.