In “Theo” holiday by car this year – How much will the trip to the island cost?

In “Theo” holiday by car this year – How much will the trip to the island cost?

This year’s summer holidays by car seem to be off-limits for Greeks. Fuel prices may be in the doldrums and not at an all-time high, but cruise lines have set this year’s fares at an all-time high. If, however, potential passengers choose to reserve a car as well, then we are talking about the monthly cost for an average Greek family. Analysis:

Paros & Naxos: 116 euros per car

Would you like to go to Paros or Naxos, the islands that many Greek families choose for their proximity to Athens and beyond? Then you have to consider that the ticket costs 50 euros for one person, while the car costs 116 euros for a trip that takes about 5 hours. If we are now talking about a family of 4 without a cabin then 632 euros are needed to go to the Cyclades. Good reading.

Mykonos: 52 euros per person

For Mykonos the ticket costs 52 euros per person. At the same time, the car reaches 120 euros with a normal boat and not with high speed. So the return cost for one person from Mykonos amounts to 344 euros. We did not choose the fast boat in the search because the cost is out of the question…

Andros: 50 euros per car

Even for Andros, the journey seems to cross the Atlantic. A car costs 50 euros and a ticket per person is 25 euros, so a person going to Andros will need 150 euros for a round trip.

Samos: 122 euros per car

If you now want to escape from the Cyclades and you want to go to Samos for example, where last year the Greek state issued a special Aid Voucher, then the car needs 122 euros and the person needs 74 euros. However, if you make an addition then a family of 4 to visit Samos needs 836 euros. No booth…

Crete: 100 euros per car

The picture of Crete is the same. The car costs 100 euros and a ticket 48 euros for the line Piraeus – Chania. So a family of 4 will need 584 euros (return trip), without cabin.

From the above one can understand that once again the car will pay for this year’s holiday. And expensive fare and expensive fuel in the Greek island regions. Let’s prepare for a price of 2.0 euros per liter in the Cyclades and more.

It should be noted that the above ticket searches have been done from ticket search websites. However, as summer approaches, many companies announce discount programs to make boat trips more attractive. At the same time, many companies cooperate with telecommunications companies and even provide free tickets. So good information before settling on a ticket is essential before paying.