In cancer treatment and after divorce, Preta Gil talks about betrayal

Preta Gil, who is going through a very difficult time in his life, being hospitalized for colon cancer treatment, used Instagram to announce this Friday, the 26th. the singer decided to open his heart and talk about disappointment and betrayal. Early in the evening, he returned to the social network to express his opinion on the side effects he has been experiencing from chemotherapy.

“Today I did two things that I have never done before: I rode an ATV in the Ibirapuera Park (São Paulo), and I went to play football. It really touched me to see the family’s motivation to see me happy. It is something indescribable. When I say family, yes, I am talking on relatives and friends. Some are more than children, others brothers and even father and mother, but it is the family that chose me “, began the text, printed with black background in the story.

“They chose to love me and care for me, and I did that. This is not easy for me, I have always been the person I chose to take care of and today I let myself be taken care of! This is one of the main lessons of this time I live. And that love motivates me to respond, even in a lot of physical and emotional pain. I no longer allow myself to not enjoy life. The pain of betrayal disappointment cannot paralyze me! Day by day I reconnect with my essence and smile again!”

Faced with the statement of Gilberto Gil’s daughter, fans thought that the singer was referring, at the end of the text, to her ex-husband, personal trainer Rodrigo Godoy, with whom she separated at the end of April, amid rumors of betrayal and. part of it.

During the separation, the artist even said: “The truth is coming, which for me is very painful and cruel. I ask you also to help me protect myself from all this dirt, because I am fragile, in the middle of oncological treatment, after almost dying from septicemia (or sepsis). I need peace to heal.”

a message of reflection

After the explosion, Preta Gil shared a reflective message to celebrate “a week of victory, overcoming, love and healing”, and counted down the last few days. “I made an effort and went to see my uncle’s concert. It is not easy to leave the house, the side effects of radiotherapy are annoying, worrying, painful and limit you to always be near the bathroom. But, even with these pains and tragedies, I went.”

And he continued: “It was nice to meet friends and people who showed a lot of love. It is very important in the healing process to receive that love. It is very important to have loyal friends. Love does not have to come from a husband or a lover. When we realize this it is a great comfort. Love is love, no matter where it comes from.”

Preta also spoke about the separation process and the first work meeting of the year. “I went back to work, very easily, only three meetings. But seriously, after many months without thinking about work, not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t, because the chemotherapy made me very depressed. Then I still had sepsis and isolation, all at the same time. Chaos, I had neither the mind nor the strength to think about work”, he pointed out.

“Last week, one of the nurses attending me at the hospital told me that many people go to the hospital during lunch for radiation treatment and work. I had that in my head and, talking to my psychologist, I decided to go back little by little. It won’t be every day that I will be feeling well, but when I am, I want to work. Going to Mynd today and talking to the team did me good,” said the singer.