‘I was scared at first after McLaren lost the seat’

‘I was scared at first after McLaren lost the seat’

Daniel Ricciardo says he panicked at first after losing his McLaren seat, but realized he wanted to relax after a while.

Ricciardo, who both ended his contract with McLaren after two difficult years, preferred to sit out and rest for a year rather than stay in F1 with a weak team.

It was also known that Ricciardo, who aimed to return to F1 in the 2024 season, did not want to waste this time; So the Australian driver accepted the reserve offer of his former team Red Bull.

Returning to the paddock for the first time last week, Ricciardo said: “It was definitely not in my mind to go back to Red Bull at first.”

“After I lost my seat, I was just scared, thinking ‘oh my god, what am I going to do now, what’s next’. I was taken aback and a bit surprised.”

“I think after one month I started talking to other teams. But deep down I didn’t know what I wanted to do.”

“I was thinking to myself, ‘Am I doing this to stay on the grid, is that what I really want?’ As I gained more confidence, I realized that I wanted to take a year off.

“Red Bull was the perfect place for this transition period and everything went very quickly. Both sides knew it would be a smart partnership.” say.