I got my first fine from a classmate

I got my first fine from a classmate

He started as a student in a hotel, spent a few years abroad and finally returned to the Czech Republic with a new concept of gastronomy. Zdeněk Pohlreich also came to the attention of the general public thanks to the program Ano, sef!, where he often used radical methods to help make various restaurants better places to eat.

Photo: Lexus Czech Republic

Zdeněk Pohlreich is known as a chef, but what about his driving career?

But how has the celebrity chef’s driving career been so far? Why does he get his first incredible fine? Where was the turning point when he fell in love with Japanese cars? And why does he see hypocrisy in the current electromobility? The chef revealed all this to us during our interview.

What was your first car like?

The very first car I ever drove in my life was a Škoda 1000 MB, year of manufacture 1969, it was such a ride. The first car was Škoda 100.

Škoda 1000 MB was the first car that Zdeněk Pohlreich drove in his life.

Do you remember your first fine? What was he for?

That was great, it was given to me by a former classmate from school who had a life goal of becoming a police officer. I got it from him by asking questions at the orange intersection on Náměstí Jan Palach, which was then Náměstí Krasnoarmějců. That’s amazing…

And what about a car problem, or, on the contrary, a funny incident – either by car or by motorcycle?

Well, if your gas supply in the Letenský tunnel, going up, is blown up, as it happened to me with my Škoda, it was not fun, but luckily they got me out and we fixed everything.

Photo: Lexus Czech Republic

Zdeněk remembers his first driving problems with a smile.

The same thing happened to me on Nuselské bridge, that was also good. Or frozen water in the petrol on the way to the mountains… Otherwise, I’ve been very lucky so far. There were a few minor accidents, but nothing major.

You worked in Australia for three years, what cars did you drive there?

I bought a Toyota Corolla for 1,200 dollars, drove it for a while, then they took away my mechanic because the engine that was consuming two liters of oil a week was smoking like a factory.

The third generation Corolla ignited the love of the “boss” for Japanese cars.

But no problem (no worries, as they say in Australia), I bought a modified engine for $420 and an assembly from a party called Rising Sun and it was on. The car was indestructible. And that started my love for Japanese cars that continues to this day. I ended up selling the car back for $1200.

Is there a car you really don’t like? If so, why?

I’m not a fan of the current explosion of electric cars being subsidized with public money. Even I see that it is a big mistake and hypocrisy.

Conversely, what car or motorcycle do you like? Is there such a thing?

Photo: Lexus Czech Republic

He got a Lexus from Zdenek Pohlreich’s car brands, and he has a Harley motorcycle.

Have you had a chance to test drive some really cool cars in your life? Or are they very fast sports models, or maybe off-road? I remember the Lamborghini Gallardo in one of the episodes of Yes, Boss!

The Gallardo was a great experience that I really respected, but I found it too easy to drive. If the Camaro V8 6.2L sounds interesting, then so be it. The Porsche Targa was also an interesting experience.

In a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo, the main character of the show Yes, the boss! watched all the way to Český Krumlov (Pizzeria Latrán).

In addition, a more powerful version of the Toyota Supra or Yaris connected. I did the Mostec circuit with both of them, where Kuba Rejlek also drove me. Often side. In fact, the Lexus LC 500 V8 is an absolute bomb, like other sports models of this brand that I had the opportunity to test. I’m not really into off-road riding.

How about car repairs in general? Do you enjoy modding, or do you prefer the work of factory engineers?

I like the car to be finished from the factory, but I am very knowledgeable about tuning. I don’t think we need to watch it here, it’s as fun as any. Some pieces are very beautiful.

Photo: Lexus Czech Republic

“Boss” has a great understanding of fixing the car, he even considers some of the pieces to be strange.

Do you follow automotive news more avidly, either on the Internet or via television/internet programs?

There’s not a lot of smart stuff happening in the news right now, but I have some sort of summary. Most of all, I’m interested in the German road, where gasoline cars will eventually become coal cars and the exhaust will move to the chimney of the power plant (haha). A ruined economy as a bonus, you can’t help but cheer for that.

So you’re not a fan of electric cars?

As I’ve said before, I don’t like electronic hypocrisy that borders on fandom. If it pays for itself, so be it, but pushing it with all kinds of subsidies and politics to the point where we have to accept that the path is probably not going this way, same with biofuels, just for the sake of sustainability. Political correctness, I don’t like it.

A well-known chef sees the meaning in the inspiration of hydrogen and fusion.

Filip Turek spoke beautifully about it in the podcast The Own Way – I would sign every word said there. I think the future will be more in hydrogen. I have already driven a Toyota hydrogen, it seems more reasonable and practical. I’m a mixed fan. I think this is the most correct way, maybe also because I use it myself.

What cars or motorcycles do you currently own? What’s in Zdenek Pohlreich’s garage?

I drive a Lexus ES 300h and have a Harley-Davidson Freewheeler motorcycle. I don’t have a garage, I didn’t get a building permit. The woman has an undamaged Toyota C-HR and Toyota Hilux for farm work. And he also has a motorcycle.’

Photo: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Brno

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler is actually a tricycle that Zdeněk bought in Brno.

Last question. Are you planning to buy or drive a car or motorcycle? In short, is it something that interests you as a driver?

Well, maybe not. I have everything I need and then some.

Love does not insult

Therefore, the famous chef does not walk a hot mess in his opinion, which everyone who followed Zdenek’s media work, especially TV shows, could know.

Photo: Lexus Czech Republic

Zdeněk doesn’t just solve the fun in his Lexus, as the car also serves as a mobile office.

The hybrid option ES 300h then shows a desire for comfort rather than conquering the everyday sporting experience, which is understandable. In addition, Zdeněk Pohlreich told us that he partly uses the car as a mobile office for his work.

Here, too, it was confirmed that the saying “old love never dies” still applies. In the case of the gastronomic master, it was ignited already in the nineties with the $1,200 Corolla coupe and continues to this day.