“I expected more from Alfa Romeo”

“I expected more from Alfa Romeo”

Two-time world champion Hakkinen said that despite Alfa Romeo’s good form at the start of the season, they could not carry it through the year and their performance was disappointing.

After collecting 51 points after the Montreal race and fighting for fourth place in the championship, Alfa Romeo finished the season in sixth place.

If there were a few more races, they would probably lose that position to Aston Martin as well.

Although the Hinwil team brought many updates throughout the year, they did not get the results they wanted and fell behind in the development race.

Mika Hakkinen said he expected more after Alfa Romeo’s good start to the season and that the current situation disappointed him.

Hakkinen, “You need consistent results in Formula 1.”

Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo C42, leaving his pit after stopping

Photo: Zak Mauger / Sports Pictures

“If you look at Alfa Romeo, they managed to beat Aston Martin and get a good position in the constructors’ championship.

“This tool gives them a good foundation for 2023. Doing better than 2022 means they will do a good job.”

“Drivers like Valtteri know where they need to improve and where their weak points are. He is not a joker, he has been racing for many years and he knows what to focus on to develop the team.”

“I’m sure they will continue to improve, but I expected more from this Alfa Romeo.”

“I think the drivers would do better if the improvement was continuous and there were no ups and downs. I think it broke their rhythm a bit.” say.