Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept – The big revival

Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept – The big revival

Hyundai Motor Company’s redesigned Pony Coupe concept made its world debut – nearly 50 years after its debut – at Lake Como in Italy. First unveiled at the 1974 Turin Motor Show, the Pony Coupe Concept is an important car in the company’s history and design heritage. Hyundai Motor unveiled the redesigned Pony Coupe Concept at the ‘Hyundai Reunion’, a brand heritage platform that reflects Hyundai Motor’s past and future direction. Among the representatives present at the event are Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Mr. Fabrizio Giugiaro, who is also an architect, to mark the highly publicized renovation completed by GFG Sinema, a fashion center based on the creative skills of Fabrizio and Giorgetto, the car that led to the creation of the marque’s centralt Pony series, the first independent Korean mass-produced models.

As part of the Pony Coupe Concept reconstruction project, Hyundai Motor Company revived the original Pony Coupe Concept presented at the 1974 Turin Motor Show. This reconstruction project is a testament to the passion, passion and ambition that the crew had. and Hyundai Management to create a global brand with the Pony Coupe Concept at the forefront. With its unique beauty, the Pony Coupe Concept was a pioneering model for its time. Unfortunately, due to the global economic crisis in the late 1970s, Hyundai’s first spectacular car never made it to the production line and was lost to history.

However, this concept embodies Hyundai’s bold determination to enter the sports car sector aiming for long-term leadership in the automotive industry – this spirit still relies on Hyundai’s leadership in electric and high-performance hydrogen technology. The car is now considered to be a classic modern car that has served as the design inspiration for Hyundai Motor’s most recent models such as the ‘Rolling Lab’ N Vision 74 and the ’45’ EV prototype which directly influenced the award-winning IONIQ 5- electric car. The ogami-like exterior of the Pony Coupe Concept features clean geometric lines, a slim roofline, clean surfaces, dynamic proportions and a uniquely shaped B-pillar with body-colored bumpers. Its wedge-shaped nose and rounded headlights set it apart in 1974 and it still looks very stylish today. Its coda tronca (“cut off tail”) makes the car even more interesting.

Its minimalistic interior reflects an iconic sensibility that highlights its unique design (very light and ultra-slim design) and driver-centric architecture. A single-spoke steering wheel and narrow two-spoke seats reinforce the futuristic aesthetic of the 1970s. When asked about his first interaction with Hyundai on the development of the 1973 Pony Coupe Concept more than fifty years before the merger, renowned designer Mr. Giugiaro revealed: “Hyundai approached us to start a complete redesign of the model, without much experience. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know Hyundai Motor at the time. We were all impressed by the passion and dedication of the Hyundai engineers.

They were perceptive, open and very willing to learn. They immediately accepted working methods that were new to them. I am proud and honored to watch how this company has evolved since we first met.” As part of the global legacy project, Hyundai Motor will expand the brand’s new platform, Hyundai Reunion, to further spread its vision and direction.