Hyundai Launches 129th Dealership in Indonesia, Strategic Steps Taken for Consumer Convenience

Hyundai Launches 129th Dealership in Indonesia, Strategic Steps Taken for Consumer Convenience

JAKARTA, DISWAY.ID – PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) has now operated a total of 129 dealers across Indonesia through the launch of Hyundai Yos Sudarso located at Jl. Cabbage. Yos Sudarso No.20, Medan, North Sumatra.

This strategic move was taken by Hyundai to provide more convenience and bring Hyundai closer to customers across Indonesia.

Hyundai Yos Sudarso, which is managed by PT Shinari Putra Kencana, provides full service with the concept of 3S (Sales, Service and Spare Parts) and is supported by 2 (two) Charging Stations for customers of electric vehicles. This dealership also has various facilities such as a large work bay that can accommodate up to 8 units as well as a unique handover room designed to provide convenience to customers in the city of Medan.

Makmur, Chief Operating Officer of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia, said, “We congratulate the establishment of Hyundai Yos Sudarso. Through this, we want to continue on.

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our commitment to expanding Hyundai’s touchpoints across Indonesia to be closer to customers.”

Makmur added, “Our main priority is the convenience and comfort of our customers and we will certainly try to meet their mobility needs through the network of Hyundai dealers that are close and easy to find near the customer’s premises. In addition, we would like to thank all partners who continue to support and believe in the Hyundai brand.”

Hyundai’s presence throughout Indonesia is realized through cooperation with strategic partners with a common vision in identifying and increasing customer comfort, safety and satisfaction as well as in meeting customer needs to provide wider access to Hyundai products and services throughout Indonesia.

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Apart from Yos Sudarso’s Hyundai, this year Hyundai has also expanded its network in Indonesia by opening its first station in East Nusa Tenggara through Hyundai Kupang carrying the Compact 3S concept and equipped with 1 (one) AC Charging Station to provide services deep. for the residents of Kupang.

Hyundai has also come close to the people of Tangerang by opening three 3S centers spread in several areas, namely Hyundai Tangerang City, Hyundai Cipondoh, Hyundai Cikupa where each of these dealers are also equipped with a Charging station. Then, Hyundai expanded its network in Depok city through Hyundai Sawangan and to the people of Magelang who can get the best service from Hyundai Magelang.

To date, out of a total of 129 dealers in Indonesia, Hyundai Motors Indonesia has been present in various regions in Indonesia including the Jabodetabek area with a total of 48 dealers. Then in the Banten area with 2 dealers, the West Java area has reached 15 dealers. Hyundai has also strengthened its presence in East Java with a total of 16 dealers, followed by Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Zone with a total of 10 dealers.

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Hyundai has also been present in the regions of Bali and Nusa Tenggara which have reached 4 authorized dealers, then the region of Kalimantan which already has 5 dealers. The presence of the Hyundai brand has also reached the regions of Maluku and Papua, each of which has 1 dealer. The area of ​​Sulawesi to today it has a total of 10 Hyundai dealers.

Meanwhile, Sumatra Island and Riau Islands have reached 17 official Hyundai dealers. To provide a complete customer journey experience, the Hyundai showroom is also integrated with Hyundai’s online sales platform, ‘Click-to-Buy’. The platform is designed for end-to-end online retail experience for Hyundai products without the need for face-to-face interaction and is more secure in today’s conditions.