Hybrid, low cost and low consumption: the Japanese SUV arrives in Italy and shakes up the market

Hybrid, low cost and low consumption: the Japanese SUV arrives in Italy and shakes up the market

A new SUV arrives from Japan that makes all the fans dream, and which has extravagant shapes. Here is the big news.

The Asian market always brings news about the world of four wheels, and today we will tell you about an SUV that comes from Japan and that everyone wants. It is a period in which the builders of the Land of the Rising Sun are very motivated, considering that a few days ago it was also the turn of Toyota Yaris Cross comes under the spotlight, of which the updated version has been revealed to the world and updated with many details.

New SUV from Japan (derapate.it)

Indeed, SUVs are the type of vehicles that really shootable to meet the needs of customers. These days, we are increasingly looking for comfort when it comes to interiors, but this new car will give you a lot more. Let’s go and discover the jewel of the house Subaru and all his strength.

Subaru, here’s a new model that everyone wants

The Subaru has revealed to the world a new SUV that is also about to arrive in our region, and which has received a lot of praise. We are talking about the new Crosstrek, a kind of new generation XVwhich actually features a hybrid system that can help combine production and utility, the perfect combination of elegance, playability and efficiency.

First of all, the model has changed its name, and is now known as Crosstrek, to emphasize its SUV spirit that can challenge any type of surface. There is also a Symmetrical AWD all-wheel drive system that is connected to a new 2.0i hybrid box, with 136 horsepower. and 182 Nm of maximum torque.

What a novelty the Subaru Crosstrek is
Subaru Crosstrek in mostra (Subaru) – Derapate.it

It is associated with a 4-cylinder petrol unit, but there is also an electric unit that is connected to a continuously variable gearbox, Lineatronic CVT. In terms of price, they vary depending on the trim levels. It starts at 37,900 euros for the Stylethen going up to 39,400 for Style Xtra and 42,150 for Premium, which as the name makes us understand, represents the top of the range.

As for the color, there is one aspect that will not make you happy. In fact, they are paid differently and they cost 800 euros, although Pure Red is free and you can choose it without having to pay extra. Therefore, Subaru has presented a real gem, which does not offer many different versions, but which focuses on practicality and customer satisfaction.

Subaru exclusive news
New Subaru SUV on display (Subaru) – Derapate.it

According to what emerges, One of the biggest strengths will be very limited consumption on the electrical part, which also contributes to giving a good hand in terms of reliability. Delivery to our country will begin at the end of December, and we are sure that there will be a large number of orders. Sure, the price isn’t that low, but these days it’s better than nothing.