Hoyerswerda: The police stop a Lexus with a speed of 162 km/h in the 70th zone

Hoyerswerda: The police stop a Lexus with a speed of 162 km/h in the 70th zone

Police stop a Lexus traveling 100 mph in the 70 zone

Police events in Hoyerswerda and the surrounding area

2 minutes.

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The traffic monitoring service caught a speeder on Wednesday who was driving 90 kilometers per hour over the speed limit. The officers checked compliance with the 70 km/h speed limit on the B 156 at the Bärwalde junction towards Uhyst. During the five-hour inspection, 831 vehicles were inspected and 82 violations were recorded. 45 drivers escaped and were given a warning fine.

The driver of the Lexus with license number Hoyerswerda reached a daily top speed of 162 km/h. For this high speed, the affected person faces two points in Flensburg, a fine of 700 euros and a three-month driving ban. The driver of a Polish Scania tractor also drove through the test section at a speed of 92 km/h. The result will be one point and a fine of 175 euros. In addition, two trucks passed despite crossing the ban and barrier lines. (al/USA)

Three drunk drivers

Hoyerswerda. During one shift on Wednesday afternoon, police officers from the Hoyerswerda police station arrested three drunk drivers.

Shortly after ten in the afternoon, they pulled the driver of the Polo out of Bernsdorf’s Ernst-Thälmann-Straße traffic. They conducted a drug test on the 21-year-old, which revealed that the young man had consumed cocaine before driving. The leaders forbade the German to continue the journey and he had to accompany them to go for a blood test.

A little later, around 5:40 pm, a police patrol checked a 34-year-old woman who was driving a VW Fox on the B 97 in the municipality of Elsterheide. When asked if he had consumed alcohol, the victim openly admitted that he had consumed marijuana. Instead of continuing the journey, the German was now taken for a blood test.

About an hour later, the officers discovered the driver of the Golf (23) on Elsterstrasse in Hoyerswerda who was also driving under the influence of alcohol. A quick drug test gave the German a positive result for cannabis and meant an early end to his journey. A blood test and further travel ban followed. Police filed charges against all three drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol. (al/USA)