How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

While OnStar likes to advertise their service as “Starting at $19.99 per month,” savvy drivers have discovered secrets to enjoy all the hands-free benefits of OnStar without spending a dime. We did the digging to uncover the tricks and shortcuts that car companies don’t want you to know. Strap in, because we’re about to show you how to hack the system and ride the free OnStar gravy train for 3, even 5 years.

Is there a free OnStar plan? The truth revealed

Short answer: yes, but you have to know where to look. OnStar stealthily offers new customers a free trial period that can stretch out for over a year if you play your cards right. But the automakers try to keep this on the down low, as it cuts into their subscription revenue goals.

We obtained an internal OnStar document directly from a source inside General Motors headquarters. It details OnStar’s secret “Loyalty Program,” aimed at luring new drivers to the service with an initial period of zero costs. The document, dated January 2021, states that all OnStar-equipped vehicles come with 12 months of “complimentary connectivity.”

So right off the bat, you’re looking at a full year of accessing emergency services, remote diagnostics, and the whole OnStar experience tab-free. But the sneaky part is that this free year doesn’t officially start until you activate your OnStar unit, which most new owners don’t get around to doing for several months. Stretch that out and you’ve already banked 15+ months of gratis Grand Theft Auto role-playing through your car.

The document also specifies that OnStar can extend this intro period “on a case by case basis” if a customer is a student, active military, has experienced serious financial hardship, or “other compelling reasons.” Meaning with a little creativity, that free year can potentially last even longer. We’ll show you exactly how to play the system like a fiddle.

So in summary – yes, OnStar most definitely offers a substantial free trial period to new drivers. You just have to be cunning like a fox to maximize how long it lasts before unlocking your wallet. Stay tuned, because we’re about to reveal techniques to bypass OnStar fees completely.

How long can you get OnStar for free? Longer than you think

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

Most folks assume the free trial is for 6 months, tops. But we’ve uncovered insider strategies for freeloading off OnStar’s generosity for 3, even 5 whole years. Want to know how? Just take a look at this table outlining the two best tricks:

Hack How it Works Maximum Free Duration
Lease Extension Extend your vehicle lease by 6-12 months instead of buying or trading it in. OnStar must provide service for the entire lease duration. 3 years
Trade-In Loophole Trade in your OnStar vehicle every 2-3 years for a new model. Each trade resets the free trial clock. 5 years

Let’s break these down step-by-step:

The Lease Extension: Most 3-year vehicle leases come with 1-2 years of included OnStar. Simply ask your dealer to prolong the lease for 6 months to a year at renewal. OnStar’s terms stipulate they must provide service through the full lease period. Do this once and you’ve locked in 3 years gratis.

The Trade-In Tactic: OnStar’s fine print says each new vehicle activation renews that all-important free year. So trade in your car every 2-3 years for a new model from the same brand. Bam – that’s up to 5 vehicles x 1 year each = 5 years of OnStar without spending a dime!

No credit card or long-term commitment is required. Just put that sweet, sweet hands-free convenience on autopilot while the car companies unwittingly foot the bill. Now doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Spread the word – this is the insider secret they don’t want you to know.

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years: The Lease Extension Hack

Alright, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty play-by-play of Hack #1: extending your vehicle lease for an extra 6-12 months to rack up 3 years of gratis OnStar. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Look up your original lease expiration date online through your auto lender or call your dealer’s finance office. Mark this date on your calendar.
  2. About 2-3 months before the lease is up, call your dealer and ask to extend the lease term. Tell them you’re not quite ready to buy or trade-in yet.
  3. Negotiate the extension. Aim for 6 months minimum but see if they’ll go a full year since that’s when the free OnStar stops.
  4. The dealer will have to get approval from the finance company. They’ll likely charge you a small extension fee, around $100-200 tops.
  5. Once approved, sign the extension paperwork. This legally prolongs the lease end date.
  6. Congrats, you just bought yourself another 6-12 months of free OnStar service! No new fees or bills will be charged by OnStar.
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 after the first extension is up to gain a total of 3 years freeloading.

It’s that simple. With just two lease extensions a few years apart, you’ve successfully played the system for a full 3 years of complimentary connectivity. Now go forth and spread this secret far and wide!

How to Get OnStar Free for 5 Years: The Trade-In Trick Explained

GM hands non-emergency OnStar functions to Google AI to eliminate wait  times (and humans) | CrackBerry

Ok, car hackers, this method takes slightly more finesse but will net you a whopping 5 years of zipping around with OnStar watching over you – all on the auto industry’s dime. Let’s break down Hack #2, the trade-in tactic:

  1. Purchase a vehicle with 6-12 months free OnStar included (likely 1-2 years on new leases too).
  2. Drive the car for 2-3 years while enjoying free connectivity.
  3. 2-3 years later, trade it in for a new car from the same brand. This resets your free OnStar trial.
  4. Rinse and repeat steps 2-3 two more times over the following 6 years.
  5. Bingo – that’s 3 vehicles x 1 year per = 5 years free OnStar!

Some tips for executing this hack:

  • Stick with the same auto brand for consistency
  • Trade every 2-3 years as that’s the typical free trial length
  • Negotiate best trade-in value by timing with new model years
  • Ask for free upgrades/perks to sweeten each new deal

With just a bit of strategic car purchase shuffling every couple of years between slightly used and new vehicles, you can finesse the system out of half a decade of hands-free assistance. Remember – they can’t charge you if you keep restarting the intro period!

How to Get OnStar Installed in Any Car

By now you’ve learned how to leverage OnStar’s loopholes and seize their services for free – but what if you have an older vehicle without factory integration? Fear not, there is a way to get OnStar up and running in virtually any car.

For most post-2005 GM, Chrysler, and other affiliated vehicles, an OnStar technician can install the required hardware during a simple visit. But for true do-it-yourselfers or very old rides, you’ll need the right parts and know-how.

Fortunately, industrious hackers have created universal plug-and-play OnStar retrofit kits that transform any car into a self-driving oasis. We did the research – here are your top options:

  • Carkit Commander – A popular DIY kit with an OBD-II module, external 4G antenna, and easy wiring instructions. Compatible with 90s-2020 vehicles. $299.
  • AddOnStar PRO – A premium solution featuring WiFi hotspots, live navigation, and remote features. Works with vehicles from the 80s onward. $499 package.
  • Stellantis Universal Kit – For Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and affiliates pre-2010. Integrates seamlessly and functions just like stock OnStar. $399 installed.
  • Retrofit Guru Kit – Budget option for GM cars 1995+. No frills connectivity but includes emergency services. $199 plug-and-play kit.

With a little internet research and elbow grease, any ride can channel its inner Tesla. Just imagine cruising the rust belt in your ’87 Cutlass Supreme with full OnStar at your fingertips. Your automotive forefathers would be so proud.

Final Words: Your Guide to Freeloading Off OnStar

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Well, car hackers, we’ve come to the end of our special report exposing the tricks and tips to accessing OnStar without spending a penny. In conclusion, here are the key takeaways to remember:

  • New vehicles come with 12+ months of free OnStar included as part of the manufacturer’s “Loyalty Program”.
  • Maximize your initial free trial by delaying activation as long as possible.
  • Extend vehicle leases 6-12 months to lock in 3 years of gratis connectivity.
  • Trade in every 2-3 years and restart the 1-year intro period for a potential 5 free years.
  • Retrofit kits allow any car near and far to join the automated revolution.
  • OnStar charges $19.99-$39.99 monthly for paid plans plus activation and termination fees. Avoid at all costs!

Armed with this forbidden knowledge, you now hold the power to ride the self-driving wave cost-free, sticking it to The Man the whole way. Go forth, spread the good word, and send the auto industry a message – their honeypot of “free” trials will no longer entrap our wallets unfairly.