How the Dacia Duster evolved from a low-cost SUV to a stylish SUV

How the Dacia Duster evolved from a low-cost SUV to a stylish SUV

Finally, Dacia has a simple range, with limited editions and equipment to match the price, but it also guarantees a shorter delivery time than many other brands, an issue that has become a thorn for several brands after the Covid-19.

The third generation Dacia

With all these premises, Dacia presented the third generation of Duster, which has everything needed to repeat the success of the previous ones and expand it further. Looking at it from the outside, the simplicity of the shapes and proportions stands out: the front is very vertical, the wheel arches have clear rounded edges and the rear door is large. Inside, however, the new 10.1-inch central display is clearly visible, tilted 10° towards the driver and placed in his field of vision. But there’s also a new up and down steering wheel and new automatic gear controls for the hybrid version.

Press Office Dacia

The latter is good news for Duster and is based on a new platform that was built, which is shared with the Renault Group and allows access to all the latest technologies.

Diesel or hybrid?

So Diesel is no longer in the range of the new Duster, but there are two hybrid versions, “strong” 130 HP and “full” 140 HP – to understand the difference here is our guide – and the inevitable LPG. It is clear that there is no shortage of 4×4 versions that have the highest clearance on the market and true off-road characteristics. Finally, regarding the price, the Italian branch of Dacia has not yet made the price list official, but it has confirmed that it will start from less than 20,000 euros.