How RoboTire changes tires in Formula 1 time

How RoboTire changes tires in Formula 1 time

THE Artificial Intelligence it won’t just eat the jobs of journalists or school teachers and all the other dystopian stuff that goes along with it ChatGPT and its derivatives.

He plans to work and from vulcanizers, as seen. A company in the United States has created a robot that works naturally using artificial intelligence and promises to change car tires in half the time it takes a human.

It’s actually not the first program we’ve seen bots for adding oil but and for payment and it is clear that in the future robots will have various opportunities to help around us.

RoboTire is a Michigan-based robotics and automation company that designs and manufactures systems for the benefit of garages, fleets and dealers.

RoboTire AI tire changer

Its latest product represents a major step forward in automating time-consuming tasks such as changing tires. Equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms, the robot aims to speed up repair processes and service in half the time compared to a qualified technician.

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