How much would a Celta 2000 cost today?

How much would a Celta 2000 cost today?

A popular car may be closer than ever to a comeback. However, if before the models that were successful in the 1990s, such as Chevrolet Celta and Volkswagen Gol, it was around R$ 15,000, this fact is far from these days.

Today, the cheapest model in Brazil has a starting price of around R$70,000, far from what we consider cheap.

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Before and now

  • The Chevrolet Celta, for example, was one of the last models to be launched with a proposal to become a popular car.
  • He even arrived with small equipment and safety items, a simple cabin and an equally simple engine.
  • When it was launched, in 2000, the car cost R$ 13,390 (that is, less than a third of the cheapest price today).
  • Adjusted for inflation, the 2023 Celta would cost BRL 59,213.80.
  • This is still around BRL 10,000 cheaper than the currently lowest priced models: Renault Kwid and Fiat Mobi.
Today, the Renault Kwid has an entry price of BRL 68,990 (Image: Disclosure / Renault)

New requirements

The first Chevrolet Celtas came with very few safety features. Despite being considered modern for the time and featuring ventilation, lidless storage compartments and a digital fuel level display, the cars did not have airbags, tachometers, radios, dashboard lights or electric windows. .

The current versions compatible with Celta, Kwid and Mobi, on the other hand, have a resource package that offers more technology and safety, although they are still considered inferior compared to other models.

Both have air conditioning, radio, bluetooth, USB inputs, four airbags, stability and traction control and other equipment that Celta even dreamed of. That is, price adjustment goes beyond a simple conversion of values.


The Kwid and Mobi engines, however, are not that different from the Chevrolet Celta. All of them have a 1.0 engine, inspired mainly by entry-level cars and which offers more efficiency.

In 2011, it was possible to buy a Celta, at the time one of the ten best-selling cars in Brazil, for less than R$25,000 (Leonardo Juliano/Shutterstock)

Other popular examples

Not even the Beetle Itamar, one of the most accessible cars of the 1990s, will be “cheap”.

With value adjustment and compliance with the Consumer Price Index (IPC) and the General Price Index – Market (IGP-M), the car would cost R $ 80 thousand.

Why does it happen?

  • If the current model’s revised value for 2023 matches the price of an entry-level car in Brazil, why not?
  • One of the reasons is the loss of Brazilian purchasing power.
  • According to a study by car consultancy Jato Dynamics earlier this year, a minimum wage worker (currently R$ 1,320) would need to save the full amount for 53 months to buy the cheapest car today (the Renault Kwid or the Fiat Mobi , of BRL 68,990).
  • In 2018, the same worker would need to save 28 months of salary to buy the cheapest car at the time, the Chery QQ (R$26,690).

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