How much does a new Ferrari cost in Greece?

How much does a new Ferrari cost in Greece?

Someone who wants to get a Ferrari F8 Tributo will have to spend about 160,000 euros more in Greece than in Switzerland…

The brand and many expensive cars have begun to appear again on the streets of Greece in recent years. More and more models are sold while those who own these cars are no longer locked inside garage but they roll them on the road.

THE economic crisis which lasted almost ten years is a thing of the past and buying expensive models is even an investment for some. Examples of Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley and so on. they are increasingly winning over car fans and that’s why they exist official delegates who not only put them on the market but also repair them.

THE Ferrari it is brand and sufficient important sales even in Hellas. Until a few years ago, the Italian brand had an official representation in our country, but it stopped its activities because of minimum requirements which resulted from the financial crisis.

Sales and… dropper

Despite all that, there were several people who wanted to own his car Ferrari and usually they did used which they brought from abroad. A year ago a new Ferrari was registered, something we have been seeing since November 2012! The main reason is lack of representation but also excessive taxes on such vehicles.

A classic example is the purchase of a Ferrari F8 Tributo in Greece. And this is because in the event that someone wants to find this example new and Greek symbols should keep a lot in detail of hand in pocket.

Additional tax 160,000 euros!

According to the report, Ferrari F8 Tributo Cost 270,000 euros. From there if we add Special Classification Fee which amounts to 148,500 euros, his 64,800 VAT but also the 1,700 euros they cost paper, plate etc. then the amount jumps 485,000 euros. In short, the final price is about to double in Greece due to tax…

The car is exactly the same inside Switzerland can be obtained by interested party at a price approaching approx for 325,000 eurosi.e. 160,000 euros less…

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