Hospitalar’s 30th anniversary celebration honors partners

Hospitalar’s 30th anniversary celebration honors partners

Hospitalar, the biggest health event in Latin America, celebrated its 30th anniversary with its long-term partners. To unite the community that makes up the health sector, Dr. Waleska Santos, doctor, president and founder of Hospitalar Feira e Fórum, presented trophies that symbolize cooperation and friendship in these three decades of work.

The following were present at the reception: Baumer, representatives of Argentina, CDK, representatives of the United States, Formosa Cultural, Dorja, KSS, Deltronics, KTK, Philips, Steris, Strattner, Suzuki, Transmai, White Martins, Intered, CMOS Drake, EDLO, Sabie, Panamedical, Medtronic, Phoenix Luferco and the oldest employee of the institute, Izilda Ferreira, who is now the chief sales executive at Informa Markets do Brasil.

“Izilda was part of the parent company Hospitalar, and today we have been together for 38 years. It represents professionals who believe in our mission,” said Dr. Waleska Santos.

It’s the 4th time the birthday party toast has been held. To Dr. Waleska, all partners are an example of success in the history of the show. “We have here a story of love, friendship and working together to make Hospitalar what it is today. You are responsible for raising this sector, here it is for another 30 years together”, concluded the president and founder of Hospitalar Feira e Fórum.

This year’s in-person event is over, but next year’s is already underway. Mark your calendar: from 21 to 24 May 2024.