Honor – the new 2023 Moto Guzzi

Honor – the new 2023 Moto Guzzi

In 2023 for Moto Guzzi apparently a year of waiting, as it was preceded by the introduction of its first liquid-cooled motorcycle, the V100 Mandello, a controversial move to coincide with the company’s 100th anniversary.

Its new engine is a liquid-cooled V2 and powers a sport touring bike with a rich and innovative equipment package that includes from semi-active suspension to international innovations in the world of two-wheelers, such as dynamic aerodynamic components .

This bike was generally considered to be a 2022 model and was shown for the first time in Greece with 4 registrations in December, designed in modern ways inspired by the past and models such as the Le Mans 850s of the 1970s and 1980s.

Logically on this engine in the near future we will see other model families, as it can easily power models such as the V85 TT or the V7 with more powerful liquid-cooled versions. However, nothing like that appeared in his plans this year Moto Guzziwhich however is not used to mass production of new models in recent years.

News of his new sport touring bike Moto Guzzi for 2023 is launching a new collector’s edition V100 Mandello Aviazione Navale, as a tribute to the aviation of the Italian Navy.

In addition, the Italian manufacturer presented two new versions of the Special Edition based on the Stone V7 and V9 Bobber, where in both variations there are color options and some different aluminum elements in their equipment.

V100 Mandello Aviazione Navale

It was delivered on an Italian aircraft carrier and its appearance is based on the F-35B fighter jet, a limited production of 1913 pieces.

His relationship Moto Guzzi and the Italian navy (Aviazione Navale) since before the company was founded, when its founders, Carlo Guzzi, Giorgio Parodi and pilot Giovanni Ravelli served in it during the First World War and elsewhere they made the decision to start building motorcycles. .

Ravelli’s death in a plane crash in 1919 was also the main reason for the eagle in his logo. Moto Guzzi.

On the basis of this is very far, but also a close relationship of him Moto Guzzi and this air force, the presentation held on the cavour deck of the Italian aircraft had a sense of nostalgia.

On this occasion, a special edition V100 Mandello entitled Aviazione Navale, series in a limited production of 1913 pieces marking the year of the establishment of Naval Aviation in Italy, was presented to the public.

The motorcycle’s appearance is inspired by the F-35B fighter jet, while also featuring distinctive Aviazione Navale logos. In addition, the serial production number of each motorcycle is engraved on the top license plate.

By the way, we have one Moto Guzzi The V100 Mandello as we know it, with the company’s first liquid-cooled engine – producing 115 hp, 10.7 kgm – in a high-tech sports tourer, which includes, for the first time on a motorcycle, folding aerodynamic aids on the sides. of the exhibition.

V7 Stone Special Edition

At GMC World Days Moto GuzziA new special edition Stone V7, its best-selling model, was unveiled.

THE Moto Guzzi The V7 Stone Special Edition ditches the usual matte colors of the Stone edition to wear a special glossy Black color, enhanced on a graphic tank with red details that recalls the stylistic tradition of the brand’s most sporty models. The sporty character is also emphasized by the red-painted shock absorber springs and red saddle stitching, which are also unique to this unique model. A cover on the steering wheel identifies the special edition.

Accessories also include “bar end” mirrors, which give the Stone Special Edition a more refined and powerful profile, as well as a black anodized aluminum tank cover. Customization also extends to the outgoing 850 V-Twin Moto Guzzi engine, with cylinder head covers in a new graphite color and injector covers in black anodized billet aluminum.

The more “muscular” aspect is emphasized by the Arrow exhaust system and tailpipes Moto Guzzithanks to which Moto Guzzi The V7 Stone Special Edition achieves improved performance, in terms of power, which increases from 48 to 49 kW (66.5 hp) at 6700 rpm, and maximum torque, which increases from 73 to 75 Nm at 4900 rpm. Arrowheads that host the Special Edition will be available as accessories for all Moto Guzzi V7.

V9 Bobber Special Edition

The most distinctive feature of the new V9 Bobber Special Edition is its two-tone paintwork in dark shades of black and grey.

The drop-shaped steel fuel tank is clad in a billet aluminum cap, while the side caps are made from the same lightweight steel.

Equipment specific to this special edition also includes handlebar end mirrors, fork dropouts and a short aluminum front guard.

Finally, the characteristic sound of its twin cylinder 850 Moto Guzzi topped with a pair of matte black sliding finials.