Honda has revealed new details about its upcoming EV

Honda has revealed new details about its upcoming EV

Honda has confirmed that the first EV to be launched in 2025 will be based on its new platform and will be “mid to large size”.

The announcement came amid a keynote speech about the future of the Japanese company by its president and senior vice president, who also highlighted the company’s focus on power distribution.

Honda is developing a drive system for its new EV on the e:Design platform. However, the automaker has yet to reveal many details about this technology. It is also worth noting that it is employing twice as many people as originally planned to develop this software including working on this advanced driver assistance system and connected car functions. In addition, there will also be a new Global Customer Experience Officer position within the automotive industry.

It has been reported that the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX EV models will enter the market in 2024, and that both will be powered by General Motors’ Ultium platform. range of affordable EVs from 2027 onwards.

Honda has also made known its intent to make Ohio a major North American EV manufacturing base. The Marysville plant of the East Liberty Auto Plan and the Anna Engine Plant will be repurposed for this purpose. Honda with the help of LG Energy Solution will build a battery plant in the state.

As for the Japanese automaker’s EV plans outside of North America, in Japan the N-Van EV will be available as a small commercial vehicle in the first half of 2024. Additionally, an EV based on the retro design will follow the N-One. in 2025. Finally, two smaller models (one of which will be an SUV) will debut in 2027.

Honda’s goal is to have all models available in the Chinese market be electric by 2025.

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