Honda: Electric from 2040 and we will see!

Honda: Electric from 2040 and we will see!

The Japanese company is still skeptical about the development of electricity distribution and especially infrastructure in Europe.

Although many companies seem to be investing a lot of money in the rapid transition to electricity, there are also names that hold certain positions.

In addition to Toyota, Honda now openly talks about the possibility of delaying the spread of electricity, especially in Europe. And this is because the payment infrastructure cannot easily follow.

This explains the slow development of electrical models and Honda in Europe, as the Japanese company believes it will take until 2040 or even 2050 until the infrastructure is sufficient for electric ships.

Without doubt Honda was one of the first companies to invest in electricity distribution, but in the middle years he seems to have slowed down his methodss.

Its president Honda Motor Europe Katsuhisa Okuda in an interview with British Autocar said that the speed of growth of the electric company It is similar to infrastructure development for payment.

Some might argue that Okuda’s thinking is an excuse for the slow evolution of his lightning Honda. But that’s the truth in many European cities people live in apartmentsit is very difficult to move to electric mobility if there is not a very wide network of public chargers.

Okuda thinks we’ll need to get there by 2040 or so even half in 2050 until this infrastructure is sufficient. Until then plug-ins and hybrids are the best options, especially for those who travel.

Okuda does not answer, of course, what will happen with the ban in Europe of internal combustion cars from 2035 onwards. Most likely he thinks so will get an extension and that there will be a future for conventional engines beyond this limit.

However, the company does not neglect its electric “responsibilities”, as it recently announced a small SUV, e: Nyl1which will be delivered in 2023 combining the HR-V’s styling with a new platform dedicated to the EV.

The situation is different in China, where Honda It has several electric models in the works, as wellwhere everything is about power supply.

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