Honda Arista Sudirman Event Showroom, Guests Serve Lunch and Get Lots of Bonuses

Honda Arista Sudirman Event Showroom, Guests Serve Lunch and Get Lots of Bonuses

PEKANBARU – The main Honda dealer in Riau, Honda Arista Sudirman, held a showroom event called New Spirit of Honda, on Saturday (27/5/2023).

At the event, several car units were showcased, such as New Brio RS, Honda HR-V, Honda BR-V and Honda WR-V.

Not only the exhibition of the unit, Honda Arista Sudirman also spoiled the guests with snacks and lunch and live music. Of course, of course, various promotions and bonuses for consumers who buy Honda products.

Honda Arista Sudirman Sales Counter, Mona Lisa, said that especially today all the guests will enjoy the banquet service.

“Then when the customer installs the car unit, he will immediately get a chance to draw a lucky dip. In this lottery there is no chance, so everyone will get prizes of electronic products such as coffee makers, medicine dispensers, rice cookers and so on. , ” he said.

Especially for the New Honda Brio RS, continued Mona, there is a special offer in the form of a down payment of IDR 10 million and 0 percent interest.

“New Honda Brio is in high demand. With a more stylish, elegant and luxurious style, the price can be said to be cheaper than other units,” he explained.

There are also other perks like free service for 4 years. “Starting service, oil change, parts and more. It’s free for 4 years or 50,000 km for all newly purchased units, not just Honda Brio,” said Mona.

Mona appealed to the public not to miss the opportunity of various promos offered by Honda Arista Sudirman.

“As the main dealer in Riau, our facilities here are more complete. Our service is better, so customers don’t need to worry about confusion. We have the best workshops and mechanics, many freebies, promotions, and of course because we are one contact for one and Jakarta, do not worry about the availability of spare parts,” he concluded.

Author: Rinai
Editor: Ricky