HISTORY Visiting Ranca Upas

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – As a continuation of the National Halal Bihalal event that was held at the same time in April 2023, the West Java Regional Coordinator holds the Halal Bihalal event for the West Java region which will be held on May 13-14 2023 in Ranca Upas.

This event was attended by 11 families with details of 22 adults and 17 children from the areas of West Java and Jabodetabek.

The group left Jakarta at 8.00 and joined the group from Bandung at 9.30 and then continued the journey to Ciwidey area. Along the way the group stopped for lunch as the children picked strawberries straight from the tree.

After lunch, the trip continues for a visit to the White Crater. Kawah Putih is located in a mountainous area with an altitude of more than 2400 meters above sea level. This opportunity was used to test the toughness of the Hyundai Stargazer engine in extreme conditions and the results proved to be very capable.

Satisfied with documenting the natural beauty of the white volcano, the group continued their journey to Ranca Upas as a place to sleep, which is 6.4 km away and can be reached in 20 minutes.

After delivery in each room, HYSTORI held a full dinner with BBQ and Suki. During dinner, there was closeness and friendship between the members and the HYSTORI family until midnight and the group rested in their rooms.

The next day with a clean body, the group continued their journey to another place. Starting with a tour of deer captivity that can be reached on foot.

The cool temperature, the rising sun, the light mist against the mountain as a backdrop, the sky of the pasture with many deer roaming around, what a sight to behold. Then proceed to soak in the hot springs, still in the Ranca Upas area.

After the Ranca Upas ceremony was over, the group proceeded to Situ Patenggang. We had lunch together in the tea garden area with the cool mountain breeze which adds to the joy of eating.

The trip continues to Situ Patenggang with the aim of playing on Golesat tours. In Golesat, we can enjoy the feeling of flying freely around Rancabali tea plantations. Besides that, when we fly, we are shown a beautiful view of Situ Patenggang.

This Golesat vehicle uses the gravity and currents of the land with a challenging level of descent. Adrenaline-boosting rides but still safe..

Waiting for those walking along Situ Patenggang, some others waited at Pinisi Resto while taking pictures and enjoying their meal. The cool weather surrounded by the blue lake water, a small island in the middle of the lake with a green and misty background and clear sky, is truly a wonder.

At five in the evening the group left the Ciwidey area to travel home. A short but very memorable feeling for us. This event is expected to promote an environment of socialism and unity.

An important experience for our children that Indonesia is big and beautiful. We must be grateful for this so that we always try to protect nature so that it is not destroyed.

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