Here are the most modern electric bikes, settings can be through face recognition on smartphones.

HALLORENATE.COM – In addition to electric motorcycles, there is currently a trend of electric bicycles.

The world’s leading manufacturers, i.e. BMW, have also excited the electric bike market.

This BMW electric bike, apart from its good performance, also has many advanced features. This electric bike is called BMW Motorrad i Vision AMBY.

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This electric bike has a concept like a mountain bike. Interestingly, the BMW Motorrad i Vision AMBY brings IOT (Internet of Things) device technology.

Innovative, the BMW Motorrad i Vision AMBY has the sleek and sporty lines of a cross-country racing bike.

The BMW i Vision AMBY has three operating modes that can be changed by the driver.

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The slowest driving mode setting with a speed of around 25km/h is usually used on recreational area trails.

Then there is a second mode with a speed of 45 km/h which is usually used in urban areas.

Finally, there is a speed limit of 60 km/h which is faster than the e-bikes out there.

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In addition, this modern e-Bike also has control technology that can be controlled through an app.

Users of this modern e-Bike can upload a profile to the bike system, then select the license class for the insurance coverage that applies to their license.