Greek caviar that has stolen the hearts of the world’s top chefs

Greek roe is considered one of the best delicatessen products in the world

It is considered the caviar of Greece and not without reason, because in addition to being tasty and delicious, it also has great nutritional value. The reason for the Greek roe that has crossed the narrow borders of the country and has become known all over the world, as great chefs prefer it and have it as a secret ingredient in their top dishes.

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“Gold of the Lagoon” is called Messolonghi and Aitoliko, as the roof here is unique, it has been designated as a POP and is recognized by all. Who else has visited him? “Holy City”, as it has been characterized by its identification with the struggle for the Greek Revolution of 1821, and has not tried the best domestic product.

One of the most famous roe in the region is “Trikalinos”, whose history begins in 1856, when three brothers of the family of the same name, Zafeiris, Nikos and Giorgos, started the production and sale of roe in Aitoliko. These days the brand is on the menu of some of the world’s most famous restaurants. From Rouge Tomate in Brussels and El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, to Schwa in Chicago, Prevenance in Tokyo and L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Taipei.

World-renowned chefs such as Michelin star Hiroki Shizukai choose it for their creative culinary creations, whether sweet as mentioned above or sweet as a chef. Michael Carlson.

Apotheosis by Ferran Adria

However, the greatest recognition of this product came from the famous chef Ferran Adria, who changed the philosophy of modern cooking and who had put this product on the list of ten products he tried with. the famous “El Buli” restaurant. The famous connoisseur Andy Hayler was also interested in Greek roe in general, who was surprised by a dish he tried at the famous Funky Gourmet in Athens.

At the same time, roe has also become a subject of study for drink critics, as it is a surprising association. For those who haven’t tried roe, it has a rich, salty flavor with a buttery texture. It is accompanied by a white spirit as well tsipouro, grappa and vodka.

If you prefer something more elegant then a strong and long lasting champagne like Bollinger Special Cuvee, but also the same method of authentication Amalia Brut from Tselepou Estate is your best choice. If your choice is a still wine, the volume and acidity of Santorini will bring out all the delicate aromas of the roe.

Corfu amber caviar

Apart from Messolonghi, Corfu roe is also known for its quality. Where the producers are waiting for August to arrive where the “buffs”, ie “egg” female mules, will be ready to leave the channel of the Korission lake and sail to the open sea of ​​the Ionian Sea. There, in the “bouka” the fishermen will catch them, either with nets or with special constructions, being careful not to injure them.

The long fish with their gray backs and silvery white bellies, will be taken to the cages, to begin the egg coating process. Deer are actually the eggs of female mullet, which are hatched. A completely natural product without preservativesbut with high nutritional value and special taste.

Once a product of Corfu, it was a source of economic life for the island. Today it is tourism, but amber caviar was and still has its fans.

A ritual to do it

The process of its preparation is a unique ritual. During the mullet breeding season, from the end of August to the middle of September, begins fishing in the baynatural lagoon fish farms, where fish are caught and raised in a controlled environment without any human intervention.

Two cylindrical pieces containing eggs are removed from the stomach of the fish with special care, any mishandling can cause irreparable damage to the product. Deer rinse with plenty of water and rinse well. Then they are salted which stays with them for a different time depending on their weight.

They are washed from the salt, put in molds and go to the drying process in special dryers designed with controlled conditions. Next is wax, by immersion in pure melted wax, to increase the shelf life of the roe. Finally, the roe sticks are placed in their elegant packaging (packaging starts at 100 grams but can exceed one kilogram) and make their way to the delicatessen and your kitchen.

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