Greece will vote tomorrow!  Here are the options: Face 46 is very difficult

Greece will vote tomorrow! Here are the options: Face 46 is very difficult

Of the 50 parties that wanted to participate in the elections in Greece, the request of 14 parties that did not meet the necessary criteria to participate in the election was rejected. Among these parties is the party “Hellenes”, which was founded as an extension of the party “Golden Dawn” (Chrysi Avgi), whose members are imprisoned for “creating a criminal organization”. According to the latest polls published, only 6 of the 36 parties eligible to participate in the election have a chance to enter parliament by exceeding the 3 percent threshold.


According to the same polls, the conservative New Democracy Party (YDP) led by Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis is ahead with 32.5 percent. The main opposition party Radical Left SYRIZA, led by Alexis Tsipras, ranks second with 26 percent; in third place is the socialist PASOK led by Nikos Androulakis with 9 percent; The KKE Communist Party is in fourth place with 6 percent; 4 percent, the MERA25 party of former economy minister Yanis Varoufakis, and finally, the nationalist “ELySi”, which pushed the threshold of 3 percent.


However, since the election will be held on a proportional electoral system, no party is expected to get enough votes to form a single government with 46 percent. It is a question that the election will be repeated at the end of June or early July at the earliest, but this time with a simple system many. The simple majority system gives a party the right to form a government only with a 38 percent share.
According to the electoral laws of Greece, a government can be formed by a coalition of parties with this proportional electoral system. Looking at the votes they got in the latest polls, the YDP has 32.2 percent, 125 in the 300-seat Greek Parliament; SYRIZA 99; PASOK 9; KKE 6; MERA 4; and El.Sİ can have a maximum number of 3 deputies.


YDP and PASOK can get a majority of parliamentarians in the parliament with a total of (125+30) 155 deputies. However, Prime Minister Mitsotakis aims for YDP to form the government only. Despite being able to form a coalition government with the YDP in these elections, PASOK’s socialist leader Nikos Androulakis said: “On condition that he can form a coalition government with YDP or SYRIZA, but that neither Mitsotakis nor Tsipras should lead a coalition government” Run away. In that case, the formation of an alternative coalition like YDP+PASOK or SYRIZA+PASOK is not expected at least in these elections, unless it is a very surprising thing.


President Katerine Sakellaropoulou will give each party leader a three-day task to “form a government”. If a government cannot be formed, an interim government will be formed under the chairmanship of Ioannis Sarmas, one of the chief justices, and will announce that elections will be repeated in 2 months.