Google removes ‘Narrative of Slavery’ amid outrage in Brazil

Google removes ‘Narrative of Slavery’ amid outrage in Brazil

The game was downloaded more than 1,000 times before it was removed on Wednesday, May 24 (Twitter/@africanize_)

A Google removed the highly controversial game “Slavery Simulator” from its app store, after causing outrage in Brazil.


The program, which allows players to “buy and sell” black characterswas released by Magnus Games on April 20.

the game was downloaded more than a thousand times before being removed on Wednesday (24), local media reported.

Brazil is a country that still lives with its legacy of slavery, which It was only abolished in 1888.

In the game description, the developer boasted that users can “trade, buy and sell slaves”. It also allowed users to inflict various types of torture on dark characters.

According to screenshots from the game, users can free enslaved characters or “use the slaves to enrich themselves”. Prevent the abolition of slavery and the accumulation of wealth”.

When it was released, the game was rated 4-5 stars, with one review saying: “A great game to pass the time. But I think there was a lack of torture options“.

Social media users in Brazil expressed anger towards the game, and several prominent politicians have called on officials to hold tech companies to a higher standard.

blatant discrimination”, tweeted Renata Souza, a black activist and local politician from Rio de Janeiro.

“The picture showing the play has a white man surrounded by black men. It is senseless violence. Google and the developer must be held accountable for this hate crime and racism.”

Brazil’s Ministry of Public Affairs said so opened an investigation about how the game was allowed to be available on the Google Play Store, local media reported.

At the same time, Brazil’s Ministry of Racial Equality said it has prepared a Meet Google to help create an “anti-racist content moderation” policy. He added that manufacturers will be legally responsible.

Fonte: BBC