Good news for new car buyers! Kia highlighted the price of the model car

Good news for those who want to buy a new car. Kia’s cheap cars attracted attention. Citizens sang when they saw the price. So, how much is the cheapest Kia model offered for sale? Here are the details in our news.

Due to some bad events in the world and in our country recently, many products and services have increased on the increase. The automotive industry was also affected by this increase. Car companies regularly update their prices by increasing 5 percent or more each month. As Uşak Gündem, we closely follow the current prices of car brands and try to offer you all the opportunities and campaigns.

So which Kia car is the cheapest? How much? Here are the details.


Kia continues to impress with its quality and price among car models. This brand, which is very popular in the automotive market, attracts many companies with its affordable turnkey prices. According to the newly published list, the cheapest Kia car was the Picanto. So what are the current prices of the Picanto 2023? Here is the current list;

Picanto 1.0L 67 PS AMT Feel Petrol The price was offered for sale at 624,000 TL.

Picanto 1.0L 67 PS AMT Petrol Direct The price is TL 629,000.

Picanto 1.0L 67 PS AMT Petrol cold The price is 638,000 TL.

Picanto 1.2L 84 PS AMT Feel Petrol The price is 638,000 TL.

The Kia Picanto is the perfect car. Picanto price is listed above. Among all the offers, the cheapest offer is Picanto 1.0L 67 PS AMT what happened Its price was TL 624,000. Citizens who want to buy new cars and follow their current prices, keep following our Uşak Agenda news site.