Gold Prices in Pegadaian Today, Antam Gold Reduced and Cheap!

Gold Prices in Pegadaian Today, Antam Gold Reduced and Cheap!

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – The price of gold 24 carats of Antam brands were seen to fall, while UBS rose to Pegadaian on Sunday (14/5/2023). The cheapest print is worth IDR 595,000.

According to information from the official website of the pawnshop Antam 24 carat gold price the smallest size, which is 0.5 grams, is sold at IDR 595,000 or IDR 2,000 less compared to Saturday (13/5/2023). Meanwhile, the 24-carat gold UBS mold of the same size rises by IDR 1,000 and is priced at IDR 561,000.

For Antam 24 carat gold weighing 1 gram, Pegadaian sold IDR 1,087,000 or decreased by IDR 4,000 compared to yesterday’s price. At the same time, UBS 24 karat gold while the size is sold for IDR 1,051,000, which is an increase of IDR 2,000 compared to yesterday.

Additionally, Antam’s 24-carat gold price for a 5-gram mold is worth IDR 5,202,000, while a UBS mold of the same weight is priced at IDR 5,152,000. The price of a 10 gram gold bar published by Antam today is worth IDR 10,348,000, while the price of a 10 gram gold bar published by UBS is worth IDR 10,248,000.

Then the Antam brand of 50 grams for Pegadaian is sold at IDR 51,399,000, while the UBS brand of 50 grams is sold at IDR 51,035,000.

Pegadaian prices 100 grams of gold for the Antam brand at IDR 102,718,000, while the same size for UBS brands is IDR 102,029,000.

The largest gold mold at the pawn shop, which is IDR 1,000 grams, can be bought for IDR 1,025,615,000 for the Antam brand, while the UBS brand is still unavailable.

Buying pawn gold can be done by coming to a Pawnshop or a Pawnshop agent or online through the Pawnshop Digital Application which you can download from Playstore or Appstore.

Then, fill the application form for opening a gold savings account and attach your ID (KTP/Passport). The stored gold balance can be printed in the form of gold bars such as Antam, UBS, Galeri 24, UBS Disney, Lotus Archi, and Dinar with a choice of chips starting from 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 grams or 1/4, 1/2, and 1 Dinar.

Unit (Gram) Antam Price (Rp) UBS Price (Rp)
0.5 595,000 561,000
1.0 1,087,000 1,051,000
2.0 2,112,000 2,085,000
3.0 3,142,000
5.0 5,202,000 5,152,000
10.0 10,348,000 10,248,000
25.0 25,740,000 25,570,000
50.0 51,399,000 51,035,000
100.0 102,718,000 102,029,000
250.0 256,522,000 254,996,000
500.0 512,828,000 509,392,000
1000.0 1,025,615,000

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