GM says “no” to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

GM says “no” to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

General Motors stands by the bold decision not to offer its customers a connection software for Android and Apple devices.

The automaker has confirmed that it has developed its own multimedia system for its new electric generation.

This bold decision contradicts data that says that in the US market at least 80% of new car buyers use CarPlay connect their mobile phones to the multimedia system. What is owed by GM, it is that the existing connection systems do their job well but they are only adequate.

The company wants to create and provide something better for its customers. THE Scott Millerits vice president of vehicle software and operating systems GM, said in a recent interview on the topic that “our customers will benefit from a better experience that will not require them to log in through Bluetooth phone in the car”.

But GM it is not making this investment to improve the user experience, and only by developing its analog connectivity system does it have access to collect more data about how drivers drive and use their electric vehicles in general.

By buying an electric model from products that are under its “umbrella”. GM, they will have their use free of charge google mapsas well as a voice command system Google Assistant of the company for eight years. From then on, the applications that a person will want to have in the car will be paid, including GM to get great economic benefits from that development.

This news has not been received “well” by friends of his brands GM Groupwhich sees that standard models (with internal combustion engines) will have both Apple CarPlaytogether with Android Auto.

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