GM is turning the Chevrolet Tracker into an (almost) luxury coupe SUV

GM is turning the Chevrolet Tracker into an (almost) luxury coupe SUV

It took a long time, but GM is finally investing in the coupe SUV segment. Evidence of this is that it recently launched the Chevrolet Trax in the United States and is now bringing the Buick Envista to the world. Both are coupe versions of the Chevrolet Tracker, but each in its own way. And it’s worth noting, none of them will be sold in Brazil.

For those who are not familiar with other brands of General Motors, apart from the Chevrolet that we have in Brazil, the group has a well-marked ladder. Chevrolet is a generalist, basic and entry. Then comes Buick, playing a middle ground between luxury and premium (like Jeep, for example), ending with Cadillac.

Tracker’s soul…and Montana’s

So the Buick Envista is almost a luxury Tracker coupe. The two models share a platform, called GEM in the Brazilian SUV and VSS-F in the Envista and Trax because it is a more modern version aimed at developed countries. But basically they are the same thing.

Buick Envista Avenir [divulgação]

So much so that the Envista, Tracker, Montana and Trax are equipped with the same 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo engine. In the Tracker and Montana there are 133 hp and 21.4 kgfm of torque, while in the Buick, GM was able to raise the rider to 138 hp and 22.4 kgfm of torque. The gearbox is the same six-speed automatic used by OnyxOnix Plus, Montana, Tracker and Spin.

According to Buick, its coupe SUV is capable of doing 12.7 km/l of average combined between city and highway. In comparison, we have the Montana doing (with gasoline), 11.1 km/l in the city and 13.3 km/l on the highway, while the Tracker gets 10.4 km/l in the city and 13.2 km/l on the highway. road. All with the same mechanical assembly.

Buick Envista ST [divulgação]

Chinese touch

As Buick’s main focus is no longer the US, but China, the brand’s new visual language is aimed at that market rather than Uncle Sam’s homeland. The proof of this is that it brings a style very similar to other Chinese models and a certain amount of classic, unlike what Buick was until then.

The front shows small LED lights accompanied by the brand’s new logo. In the bumper is a trapezoidal air intake connected to the headlights. In the luxury version of the Avenir, the grille is painted and the lower part is painted to match the rest of the car, not black.

Buick Envista Avenir [divulgação]
Buick Envista Avenir [divulgação]

The rear is narrow, with a nicely curved glass and no wiper, like the Fiat Fastback. Narrow taillights indicate a style very similar to Mercedes-Benz coupes SUVs. Like the Tracker, the license plate sits on the bumper in a black plastic section (except, of course, the Avenir version).

What Montana is missing

The cabin is more luxurious than the Tracker and Montana, but it has the skills. The multimedia center integrated into the fully digital instrument panel is a layout very similar to that of a Brazilian truck, with rounded lines visually linked to Chevrolets. The finish is excellent, with leather on the dashboard.

Sold in the United States and China, the Buick Envista costs between US$25,195 and US$29,695 (R$125,000 to R$147,000). It is worth noting that in Brazil we do not have Buick, GM will not invest in Envista here. The Tracker, for comparison purposes only, costs between BRL 127,690 and BRL 162,650 and is not offered in the US.

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