GM is developing an all-new Pick-Up

GM is developing an all-new Pick-Up

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The launch of a new Pick-Up, which initially on the American market, is considered by General Motors, even considering that it can be only electric, and its cost does not exceed 30,000 dollars, if its production is approved. .

Small, electric and above all cheap

The Chevrolet S10 is a small Pick-Up that General Motors already offers in various Latin markets. America, like Brazil and Argentina, however, has not yet decided to launch in America.

The reasons are many, however, the most obvious is that the model in question is very small in dimensions and transport capacity compared to the -large- Pick-Ups that dominate the United States.

However, various drawings and photos of the concept model in question, which is also electric, have recently been released online. When he was asked to discuss the company’s vision for the relevant model, the head of the electrical and design department of the Chevrolet company, Michael Pevovar, said that at the moment there is no concrete decision, but if that happens then we will deal with a model that fully uses electricity. and above all, accessible to everyone, given that its purchase cost will not exceed 30,000 dollars.

Therefore, it is not clear which company logo this new model will be available in the United States, since we should not ignore that recently, Chevrolet presented 3.of Generation Montana for South American markets, a small Pick-Up with front wheel drive, loading space up to 1.37m long. which has a 1.2 liter petrol engine, with an output of 133 hp.

The model in question cannot be ruled out as fully electric.