GloboNews has a chance to find new headaches, along with former employees, on pay TV in 2023

GloboNews has a chance to find new headaches, along with former employees, on pay TV in 2023

Andréia Sadi at Estúdio i, from GloboNews; The Globo news channel may find a new competitor in 2023 (Photo: Production / GloboNews)

After the arrival of CNN Brazil and Youth Pan NewsYa GloboNews may receive a new competitor in pay TV in the coming months. Infiniti, commanded by journalist Alberto Luchetti, intends to implement another channel of its kind in 2023.

With its studios in the privileged area, Infiniti wants to enter the field soon, according to journalist Flávio Ricco, from R7. The project is based on a dream that was not realized by Boni, the former boss of Globo.

The expert tried for some time to convert the TV Newspaper of São Paulo into a news channel on open TV, but the management of the house did not accept the promise.

A potential rival to GloboNews on cable TV wants to bet on former Globo stars

At the staff meeting, names known to the Globo public were announced: Carlos Tramontina, Domingos Meirelles, Gloria Vanique and Michelle Barros. Beside them, Elaine Bast and Sidney Rezende.

With the premiere, the producer’s representatives started negotiations with the cable channel operators to continue the work next year.

It is worth noting that CNN Brasil took more than a year from the beginning of the project to its implementation. The station, incidentally, is in dire financial straits, with mass layoffs and restructuring.

Jovem Pan News, which started in October 2021, is still in the battle for the vice leadership, while BandNews remains in fourth place among channels of its kind on pay TV.

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