Gladiator: a powerful actor

Gladiator: a powerful actor

Jeep Gladiator has the name printed on the side of the front hood. For Jeep, the Rubicon is an example of the high capacity of its vehicles on the toughest roads in the world. And the Rubicon – or Rubicon – refers to the river that was north of pagan Rome and marked the division between the relative civilization of the city and the unknown danger that was beyond the border of the Rubicon. Until the day General Julius Caesar, a fearless strategist, crossed the Rubicon with his forces. That was the birth of the Rubicon mythology, celebrated today by Jeep.

For the automotive industry, the Rubicon saga began in 1953, when a group of 150 friends and Jeeps crossed a challenging route through the Sierra Nevada Mountains on their way to Lake Tahoe in California. 19 kilometers of 4×4 track lies in the mystery of the Jeep brand where the final decision is made. Those who emerge through the Rubicon should continue. If it comes back, it’s the ultimate humiliation.

The Jeep Gladiator has doors, windshield and roof as moving parts that can be removed for a closer look to the original. A lot of beauty keeps you comfortable at its core. It’s a 4×4 that isn’t into designer clothes and “me” style. The Gladiator was designed for trail “pauleiras” with suspension designed to overcome challenges such as ditches, rocks, bushes inside. Climbing and descending “safe and secure”.

Gladiator is “easily” on the asphalt, but his soul wants a bush and even provides a garage at home. The medium size makes it easy to use in urban areas. Its length is 5591 mm, wheelbase 3486 mm and width 1984 mm. On the BR 101, on the way to the coast, it showed an excellent level of directional stability, without much body tilt in curves.

It has the same design as Jeep Wrangler, which is correct in straight and corners. But the apparent “civilization” changes to “wildness” and the use of contempt in seconds. Just activate the 4×4 traction system with the technical support that connects the option 4×2, 4×4 Auto that automatically distributes the traction between the axles, 4×4 H (top) or 4×4 L (bottom). A precise eight-speed automatic transmission provides a smooth increase in torque of 35.4 kgfm. The naturally aspirated Pentastar 3.6 engine has 284 hp, more than enough to pull a pickup.

Gladiator, like every Jeep, is well equipped: electronic stability control, automatic lane assist, multimedia system with an 8.4-inch screen, adaptive automatic, automatic emergency braking and disc brakes on all four wheels . And in the bucket it fits 674 kg. A car with rugged charm and versatility. And you will appear on the board. Even Julius Caesar would be.

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