Getting to Know the Founders of Exclusive Car Shows, ‘The Hanger’ and ‘The Bridge’

Getting to Know the Founders of Exclusive Car Shows, ‘The Hanger’ and ‘The Bridge’

Important takeaways

  • The Hanger offers a celebration of life with luxury cars and fine dining away from all the Concours judges.
  • Founded by Shamin Abas and curated by Jeff Einhorn, this event showcases vehicles that can tell visual stories, appealing to both car enthusiasts and casual appreciators.
  • The Hanger provides a nonjudgmental area for car collectors to mingle, share stories and provide community.

When it comes to automotive community gatherings such as auto shows and conventions, world-famous Concours d’Elegance events such as Pebble Beach, The Amelia, and Greenwich all rank high in terms of exclusivity and glamour. Despite the Concours sections being the headliners of these main events, satellite events occur on the sidelines of the main event, many of which are great fun for any petrolhead.

This includes the Porsche Club of America’s Werks Reunion and, on the sidelines, RADwood, a celebration of the cars and culture of the ’80s and ’90s, all leading up to The Amelia’s main Concours d’Elegance event. And while the Concours shows are already unique as they are, believe it or not, they get even more unique. enter”Hanger” at The Amelia, the smallest, most exclusive congregation by invitation.

Created by the same founders of “Bridge“in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York, a classic and tightly knit event by invitation only, The Hanger is a similar invitation-only event, serving as a precursor to the main event of The Amelia Concours. But instead of focusing on any judging or criticism , The Hanger, and its sister show, The Bridge, exist to do one thing and one thing only: celebrate life with all things beautiful from Gullwings to Gulfstreams, both are gatherings to celebrate life with good food, good wine, and cars beautiful, and all the great stories in between.


What It Takes to Prepare a Car for the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

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This Is No Ordinary Car Cafe

Like The Bridge, which takes place at an exclusive country golf club in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, once owned by the Bridgehampton Race Circuit in Noyack, The Hanger takes place with the same unique feel. arrangement, on the terminal apron at the private Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport. And judging from the language alone, none of these shows are like your typical car coffee gatherings.

Upon entering The Hanger, visitors were immediately greeted by a wide and varied, yet “hand-selected and curated” display of four-wheeled machinery. Lots of food from top chefs and drink stations with only the best drinks located along the borders of the enclosed area.

Chris Chin | HotCars

While at an active airport, a Bombardier Challenger 350 and a Gulfstream G450 shared their own show in one place, compliments of VistaJet, showcasing its services and specialty private aviation, because, what multimillion-dollar car collector wants to fly on a pedestrian airline? And since the event takes place on a private airfield, what better time than to have another piece of history, a Grumman G-111 Albatross from the 1950s, restored to its former glory as a state-of-the-art flying boat higher?

Chris Chin | HotCars

Although there is no specific theme or criteria, per se, used in selecting the cars to be displayed, there is still no shortage of interesting metals to behold. From air-cooled Porsche 911s, to museum-quality pairings Lamborghini number and the Ferrari F40. And just a few feet away, there’s a Citroën DS Cabriolet d’Usine, just sitting in its place, looking French and beautiful.

Chris Chin | HotCars

From an auto show perspective, it’s nothing short of impressive. But not every car at The Hanger is actually there to put the public housing inventory to shame, like the extremely rare and nearly all-original Cunningham C-3, complete with patina, that shared the same fundamentals with automotive art pieces and history shown. .

But what really makes The Hanger and its larger sister show, unique and very different is the exhibitor selection process. It all depends on the order chosen and the decision-making of co-founder Jeffrey Einhorn, who goes through many confusing requests from car owners who want to show their ride within the main event grounds. Although there is no publicly known set of criteria, it is one that Einhorn sets for himself.

“I’m especially looking for cars that can tell a visual story, whether it’s standing on its own, or in a vignette. I hate markings on the front of cars – it ruins the image in my opinion – so being able to tell a story through a car design or group solves that issue,” co-founder Jeffrey Einhorn, told me in an exclusive interview what kind of thought process he goes through when choosing the cars featured in The Hanger and The Bridge.

“At Hangar and Bridge, we don’t just deal in high-end blue chip cars. Many people say our show appeals to everyone from car geeks (or autophiles) to casual appreciators. When we look for cars, we look for design values, the technology, the rarity, and the ability for people to get excited just by looking at cars.”

Chris Chin | HotCars

When asked what the craziest car he’s ever been chosen to display at one of his rallies, Jeff immediately talked about the ’66 Ferrari 206SP Dino.

When we search for cars, we focus on design values, technology, rarity, and people’s ability to be excited just by looking at cars.

“We had a 1966 Ferrari 206SP Dino this year at The Hangar – I drove the owner all the way from Bridge to show the car,” Einhorn said. “One of 18 models. And it’s perfect. The owner even let the kids sit in it and spent hours explaining the details.”

Celebrating Good Things With Good Food and Drink, Great Cars and Community

Chris Chin | HotCars

“Our event is about many things, it’s about good food, great drinks, great vibes, great music. It’s also about a hospitality experience with an amazing cause to donate to charity, which is the second part of our show. Today is a show that our community of car collectors really enjoy it and can go back, especially since there is no judging like in other shows, no one has to worry,” co-founder, Shamin Abas also shared with me in my exclusive article. interview.


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“Everyone who shows cars here today is enjoying themselves. Not only do they have their own cars on display like they do at the Bridge, they have the opportunity to walk around and enjoy other people’s activities as well. And because of that, they helped build this community, apart from being a collector. of worried cars where a person is judged by a person with a clipboard.

Chris Chin | HotCars

The no-decision area isn’t the only attraction of The Hanger and its sister show, The Bridge, as she and her co-founder hope attendees and patrons can have a place to mingle, build new relationships, and share great stories.

“I know from listening to all the amazing stories of these collectors, who share their cars and ship them all over the country, to wherever we are, every car has a story, everything here is rare, or has an interesting and interesting story. unexpected, and it’s experience,’ Abas continued “Even for true enthusiasts who walk normally, it may be obvious or obvious immediately, about the story of the car or what its history may be, but if you walk. you’ll have to talk to some of the car owners to learn about them and that’s part of the beauty of our car shows. We like to play that way too and I think our community enjoys that aspect as well.”

“Compared to The Bridge, which is about celebrating our partners and the old Bridgehampton racing circuit, which pays homage to the history of racing held at the club, The Hanger is a unique event. We got a wonderful vintage aircraft, the Albatross. crazy story, it’s where the old airplanes and the regular car, and even the latest technology meet, because, you know, cars and airplanes are characteristics of technology that have changed over time.”

“The most amazing thing is, this is a gathering where people keep bringing more friends, meeting their friends, and so on. It’s a community. I don’t use this word lightly but it’s a community, and we’re a community. We’re really building a community here and that’s it. what we really love, people sharing what they love, who love sharing what they love and being.”