Get to know PO Bimo, a Tourist Bus whose Founder is a Four Star General

Get to know PO Bimo, a Tourist Bus whose Founder is a Four Star General

Get to know PO Bimo Tourism, a bus whose founder is General Four Star from Piyungan.  MOJOK.  Co

PO Bimo Tourist Bus. (Special)

MOJOK. CoOtobus Company (PO) Bimo is one of the most popular tourist buses in Jogja. This tourist bus has a golden four-star symbol that has some connection with its founder.

In the past few years, bus companies in Indonesia have continued to experience growth, although not by much. Citing data collected by the Ministry of Transport in the country Travel Information Volume 12, the total number of bus companies in Indonesia in 2021 is 5,349 companies. This number has increased compared to 2021 and 2020 which recorded 4,621 and 3,650 companies respectively.

A great founder from Piyungan

Not only has the bus PO increased, considering the fleet, the number of units owned by bus companies in Indonesia has also increased. In 2021 the number of buses will reach 27,198 units. Out of tens of thousands of ships, 13,688 units are tourist buses.

From a regional perspective, the supply of tourist buses is dominated by the Central Java region, which has reached 3,142 units. At the same time, the tourist bus fleet in Yogyakarta was recorded to be only 621 units or equal to 4.53 percent of the total units throughout Indonesia.

Amid the growing number of bus POs and the competition of tens of thousands of tourist bus fleets, PT Bimo Transportasi Indonesia or Bimo Transport is one of the bus management companies that can survive.

Before being called PT Bimo Transport Indonesia and Bimo Transport as its operating name, this company was called PO Bimo until 2009. Its founder was Subagyo HS on June 12, 1986. Not just anyone, Subagyo was the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army. or KASAD who had pocketed four stars before retiring.

Behind the golden sign of four stars

That is why on every PO Bimo bus there is a symbol of four golden stars. General (Purn) Subagyo HS is a general from Piyungan, a township in Bantul Regency. His life story is written in a biography titled “KASAD from Piyungan”.

“June 12 birthday owner, Mr. Subagyo HS, he is the Chief of Staff,” explained the Marketing Staff of PT Bimo Transportasi Indonesia, Putro, in the channel. YouTube Djody Why. In the video, Bismania for Others (BASI) is on tour PO Bimo garage.

The bus PO located at Jalan Wonosari was previously a bus station Intra-Regional Transport (AKDP) which serves the Yogyakarta-Wonosari route. At that time, only five units of non-AC buses were paved.

In 1993, PO Bimo gradually turned into a tourist bus. Initially they bought two air-conditioned buses. Seeing its positive development, the company continues to add units of air-conditioned buses like tourist buses. By the end of 1999, PO Bimo had five units of non-AC buses, eight units of AC buses for the large bus category, and two units of mini buses.

In 2000, the non-AC buses serving AKDP were sold because they were deemed inefficient. The proceeds from the sale were used to purchase three units of AC buses. The number of such buses continues to increase. To the end it has 54 bus units. Unfortunately this number had to be cut during the pandemic, currently PO Bimo is working 20 units 2019 and 2018 output buses.

Because especially for tourist buses, POs with the image of wayang Bima or Werkudara prioritize service and comfort for the ship. To convey these two points, PO Bimo Transport uses chassis and bus engines Mercedes-Benz. PO Bimo fleet also uses the latest model from the famous car company, Morodadi Prima.

Author: Kenya Intan
Editor: Agung Purwandono

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