Germany’s door is open to the Turks!  Conditions are also changing regarding dual citizenship

Germany’s door is open to the Turks! Conditions are also changing regarding dual citizenship

An agreement has been reached on the amendment of the citizenship law in Germany. The coalition government, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Green Party (Grüne), and the Free Democratic Party (FDP), have stated that they agree on changes to the law that will facilitate dual citizenship.

According to Süddeutsche Zeitung news, along with a draft law prepared by the German Ministry of the Interior, the government It aims to greatly simplify citizenship procedures, thereby facilitating the integration of immigrants in the country.

According to the 49-page draft bill, Immigrants who have lived in Germany for many years will be able to become citizens quickly.


Available for citizenship in Germany The 8 year requirement will be reduced to 5 years.. As a condition of citizenship for those over 67 years of age Instead of the requirement of written exams, interviews will suffice.

living in Germany and The child of a foreigner who has worked legally for 5 years will also be able to become a German citizen earlier.

The citizenship law, which is set to be updated in Germany, is also closely related to the Turks, who make up the largest foreign population in the country.


To become a German citizen, one must renounce their Turkish citizenship. In the case of the new law, Turks will be able to become dual citizens by taking German citizenship without giving up Turkish citizenship.

After the draft law is drafted by the Council of Ministers, it is expected to be passed by the Bundestag during the summer and become law.

At the same time, the objections of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) were also considered in the draft law. Due to the objections of the FDP, those who do not receive social assistance And People who have not been involved in any crime can be citizens.