German shares edged higher, with the DAX 40 index at 190.17 points

German shares edged higher, with the DAX 40 index at 190.17 points

German stocks ended higher on Friday local time (26/5/2023), recovering from four straight days of losses, with the DAX 40 index on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange jumping 190.17 points, or 1.20 percent, to 15,983.97.

The DAX 40 index fell by 0.31 percent or 48.33 points to 15,793.80 points on Thursday (25/5/2023), after falling by 1.92 percent or 310.73 points to 15,842.13 on Wednesday (24/5/ 2023), and 7.1 points .4 and 1.4. to 16,152.86 on Tuesday (23/5/2023).

Of the 40 selected large company stocks that are part of the DAX 40 index, 32 stocks were able to record gains, while the other eight stocks suffered losses.

From 20 September 2021, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has officially expanded the components of the DAX 30 index to 40 stocks or the DAX 40 index.

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Infineon Technologies AG, Germany’s largest semiconductor maker and one of the world’s ten largest semiconductor makers, jumped 4.38 percent, becoming the biggest gainer. (grand winner) of leading stocks or blue chips.

Followed by shares of companies that produce tires, auto parts, and industrial products of Germany Continental AG rose by 4.27 percent; and the automotive industry company that produces passenger cars, sports cars, SUVs and other motor vehicles, Porsche AG, gained 2.70 percent.

On the other hand, Vonovia SE, a European multinational property and real estate developer, recorded the biggest loss. (big loser) among top stocks, its share price fell by 1.83 percent.

Followed by the shares of the international energy company that produces and trades electricity RWE AG lost 0.74 percent; and German telecommunications company and Europe’s largest telecommunications provider by revenue, Deutsche Telekom AG, shed 0.47 percent.

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