Genesis G90: the first voyage in the 5.47 meter luxury liner

Genesis G90: the first voyage in the 5.47 meter luxury liner

Rarely have I had to make as few decisions about a driving appointment as I did The beginning G90. The type of engine for Europe can be controlled. Because of the competition in Germany Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series To go further, the G90 is always available with a larger drive.


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This means that the six-cylinder 3.5-liter with two turbochargers, which has 415 hp and 549 Nm of high torque thanks to the help of a gentle 48-volt hybrid, should provide the necessary impetus. There are also fewer options when it comes to extras, as the G90 always comes fully equipped. This of course makes the setup very clear for potential customers from Germany and Switzerland.

A lot of luxury for a height of 5.47 meters

Three decisions still have to be made: exterior color, interior color (there is only leather, no vegan option) and the question of short or long wheelbase. I sat in both variants because Genesis told me that for the first orders that have come since September 2023, the choice is very similar.

Stately: The long version of the Genesis G90 measures 5.47 meters and offers plenty of space thanks to the long 19-centimeter wheel.

Photo: Genesis

Impressive: Even the short G90 is 5.28 meters long, putting the German competition in the shade. The long version measures 5.47 meters and has 19 centimeters more wheelbase, which is passed directly to the rear passengers.

And when it comes to driving, even I, at 1.71 meters tall, would always choose the tall version. Stretching your legs in comfortable individual seats with cooling, heating and massage makes more sense.

Rear passengers enjoy plenty of amenities

Navigation instructions do not disturb the rear passengers because the speakers are placed in the driver’s seat. Two infotainment screens on the backs of the front seats and an audio system ensure proper entertainment in the back seat.

Genesis G90 LWB

An oasis of comfort: The long G90 passengers do very well in the second row. Two screens provide entertainment.

Photo: Genesis

Although I have to admit that the driver in me was pleased with the simple feature. If you like, you can send the 360° camera image of the trip to the screen.

Rear-wheel drive makes the G90 fast

The perfect way to sit behind the wheel of the long version, which weighs about 2.5 tons. The six cylinder might not be my first choice considering the size, but I’ll take what I can get. The G90 can compete well in clean city traffic and is surprisingly fast thanks to the rear-wheel steering. Changing lanes, turning and driving seems controlled at less than 5.50 meters.

Genesis G90 LWB

It’s surprisingly manoeuvrable: Thanks to its all-wheel steering, the G90 feels like it’s shrinking when driving. He also travels very well in the city.

Photo: Genesis

The G90’s strengths are also in quiet city traffic. With a maximum speed of 250 km / h, German roads should not be a problem, but as soon as you get up to speed, the first obstacles appear. After a short landing, the V6 roars loudly and can be heard well despite the burnt glass.

And 5.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h also seems promising to me – purely personal. Preliminary tests in the AUTO BILD editorial team will provide clarification.

Sports mode for more driving fun

Nothing wrong with an eight-speed automatic transmission. And the multi-chamber suspension climate that matches the camera doesn’t make me dread the speed bumps, but it doesn’t look like the magic carpet known as the S-Class.

Genesis G90 LWB

Dynamics at the touch of a button: In sport mode, the G90 tightens the steering wheel and the air suspension brings the car closer to the road.

Photo: Genesis

The sports mode is very fun to drive. The steering becomes more stable and then suits the G90’s driving style. I’m more forgiving of the six-cylinder engine’s roar in this mode, and accelerating at least pushes me back into the seat a bit. Lowering the air suspension also made me feel more connected to the road.

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