Gearbox in electric cars, a trend that has been confirmed?

Gearbox in electric cars, a trend that has been confirmed?

An artificial sound, a real or artificial gearbox, an electric motor does everything to ensure the continuity of warm sensations.

Contrary to all expectations, and according to other prominent electric vehicle engineers and managers, gearboxes can be widespread in electric vehicles.

However, it is still rare to see a manual gearbox appearing in some electric cars, except for performance ones like the Porsche Taycan or the Audi e-tron GT (both built on the same platform).

However, some recent tests seem to indicate that automakers are considering replicating this idea – or at least the sensory experience – in electric vehicles.

The electric car, the realm of “artificial” emotions?

Lexus is testing a prototype of its UX 300e, an all-electric version of the non-US UX crossover that has a paddle shifter and clutch, according to a company press release. According to Lexus, this remains the level of engagement of a conventional manual gearbox, but without any mechanical parts.

Hyundai is also working on a two-part hybrid electric vehicle, testing one in the RN22e ‘rolling lab’ prototype, according to CarExpert in Australia.

Although not a traditional manual gearbox, it would still trigger artificial revs, this time accompanied by dummy engine noises.