Gazi Museum, effective May 19, 1919, welcomes domestic and foreign tourists.

The Mıntika Palas Hotel, where Gazi Mustafa Kemal arrived in Samsun on the Bandırma Ferry, stayed for six days, has been used as a museum since 1940. The historical building was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Metropolitan Municipality in 1995 and reorganized by to be the Gazi Museum.

Pictures reflecting the period from 1919 to the proclamation of the Republic are displayed on the walls of the section where Atatürk’s weapons and clothing are located on the ground floor of the two-story museum building.

A ceramic relief at the entrance of the museum marks Atatürk’s departure to Samsun in 1919. On the second floor of the two-story museum, Atatürk’s belongings and wax figures of Atatürk and his 18 comrades are displayed.

In other places on the upper floor, there are bathrooms, as well as the rest rooms, bedroom and study rooms that Atatürk used when he stayed in Mınıka Palas.

The Gazi Museum, marked May 19, 1919, opened its doors free of charge to its visitors on May 18, Memorial Day.

Museum manager Rafet Karaçal reminded that the museum was built as a hotel in 1902.

Karaçal said, “When Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha came to Samsun on May 19, 1919, this place was arranged in such a way that Mustafa Kemal Pasha would stay and he stayed here at that time. This place was converted into a museum by the Municipality there. 1940. After 1997, became the Gazi Museum associated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, he said.

Explaining that there are 196 relics in the museum, Karaçal said, “Some of these are relics taken from the Metropolitan Municipality, and some of them are relics brought to our museum from Anıtkabir. The private property used by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk , a travel bag, and here after the case of Bozkurt Lotus, are the works of Atatürk. There is a statue of Bozkurt, which was given to him as a gift.” he used expressions.

Karaçal noted that the museum is visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year.