from 2027 almost half of sales will come from outside Europe

from 2027 almost half of sales will come from outside Europe

Alfa Romeo in the coming years it aims not only to relaunch itself on the market, but also to become an international brand of the Stellantis group, able to sell its cars worldwide. To do it Biscione car manufacturer it will have to be able to do well even outside the borders of Europe. After all, until now most of the sales of the historic Milanese brand come from our continent.

From 2027 almost half of Alfa Romeo’s sales will come from outside Europe

However, things are set to change in the coming years, with the arrival of many new models, many of them designed to do well not only on the old continent but internationally. Let’s think for example Alfa Romeo Tonale which in 2023 will be shown for the first time worldwide including the United States, but let’s think about new generations of Giulia and Stelvio, which will arrive in the coming years and will be designed to have a worldwide market.

The new flagship should debut at the beginning of 2027, which has been officially confirmed by the CEO of Alfa Romeo. Jean-Philippe Learned. This will be an important model to promote sales of the Milanese brand in key markets such as United States, Middle East, China etc What we do know about this car is that it will be made in the US and is designed to perform well in non-European countries.

However, its production will take place in Italy which will also be the headquarters of Alfa Romeo in the future. With the arrival of these models at the end of 2027 around 45% of Italian house sales will come from non-European countries. has been selected by the new Google News service, if you want to be constantly updated about our news
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